Art & Co

Art & Co

Art & Co

Much effort has been expended to create the ambience, tables, chairs, books, sofas, art, clothes, slow fashion, delicious looking cakes, though sadly no cookies

It could be Brighton. Only it is not, it is Puerto de la Cruz where no one knows anything about coffee (or at least would be hard pressed to find anyone who does).

But the heart of a coffee shop, has to be the coffee.

Horror, coffee in capsules! Lost before you start.

And  prepared far too hot.

No surprise then the coffee undrinkable.

But the customers like it, Italian customers like it.

All this shows is cannot rely upon customers to determine good coffee, and when has Italy been notable for good coffee?

What this highlights yet again, is the need for a quality coffee roaster in Tenerife, importing beans direct from estates in Latin America, and people who actually know something about coffee, opening and running the coffee bars.

And if they do not get their act together, the likes of Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks will have muscled in, and then the window of opportunity will be lost.

Could high alititude coffee be grown in Tenerife? At a guess yes.

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