Yanis Varoufakis at AlpenSymposium

Yanis Varoufakis in discussion at AlpenSymposium.

Extend and pretend, grant huge loans to a  country, in this case Greece, when it is known the loans cannot be repaid, the loans then used as an excuse to destroy a country.

Last January, Syriza were elected to great hope. Six months later they betrayed the Greek people, hope replaced by despair. Greece now under occupation by the EU.

The Greek crisis in reality is not a Greek criss, it is a European crisis.

EU is a corrupt, malignant force, it is not democratic, it was established as a cartel, it still functions as a cartel. The euro was introduced to aid price fixing.

TTIP is being pushed in secret by the EU.

We have David Cameron claiming to be renegotiating UK relationship with EU. He is doing nothing of the sort. The focus is on whether or not immigrants can claim benefits. Few are in UK to claim benefits, they are there to work, high unemployment and low wages in their own countries forcing them to seek work elsewhere. The rare exception being the filthy Nepalese parasites that have poured into the UK.

Any meaningful change would require Treaty change, agreement of every single country, of the European Parliament (an expensive talking shop)  and  the European Commission (a Fascist dictatorship).

David Cameron is not arguing for any meaningful democratic reform that would make the EU accountable to the people of Europe.

It was EU meddling in Ukraine, that has created the crisis and civil war in Ukraine and brought the West to the brink of war with Russia.

There are only two ways forward for Europe, one is the democratic reform proposed by Yanis Varoufakis  (It ignores that the EU is too big an entity to ever be accountable). The other is to smash the EU, the Fourth Reich in all but name, for it to be broken up and replaced by cooperating, democratic, sovereign states.

For some perverse reason, only five minutes is available of what looks like an interesting discussion.

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