New Year’s Eve Cappuccino and Latte in Stokes

latte, cappuccino and cookie

latte, cappuccino and cookie

A cold morning in Lincoln.

Made it to Stokes on High Bridge, the place for coffee in Lincoln, if not England, a little after ten o’clock. Luckily not yet packed.

Stokes on High Bridge is the gold standard by which lesser coffees are judged.



A fourth generation family business, Stokes has been of the coffee and tea business since 1902, at their present location in a beautiful Tudor building on High Bridge, a Medieval Bridge with Norman foundations, since 1937.

At the moment the building is shrouded in scaffolding and netting.

Lincoln is unusual, in that it has a large number of indy coffee shops, many serving Stokes coffee and teas, but a few serving other quality coffees. Contrast that with other towns dominated by Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks, serving disgusting undrinkable coffee and factory cakes.

Shop and tiny coffee shop are on the ground floor. The two upper floors serve food, each with its own kitchen, serve meals from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Stokes even list their local suppliers.

Coffee roasted by Stokes, freshly ground and brewed within seconds of grinding.

Contrast with the chains, and most so-called coffee shops, inferior beans, over-roasted, long past sell-by-date, ground, then left, then coffee made by someone who may wear the sweatshirt, but it certainly does not make them a barista.

brew bar

brew bar

For the connoisseur, Stokes has a brew bar, half a dozen speciality coffees, hot water poured on the ground beans in a funnel, filtered, to give that perfect coffee. The process has more skill, than my simple description would suggest.

Stokes have changed their website. A pity as it is appalling. Their webmaster clearly not of the calibre of their master coffee roasters and baristas.

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