Iceland did it … so can we

Iceland did it ... so can we

Iceland did it … so can we

If Iceland can do it, so can we.

In Iceland corrupt politicians and bankers are rotting in prison. Time to put corrupt planners, bankers, politicians in prison. But if we did, we would need a massive prison building programme.

Why are no corrupt politicians, bankers, rotting in prison in Ireland, England, Greece and Cyprus?

Greece is in the throes of austerity, debts it can not possibly repay.

In the UK, austerity is used as excuse for slash and burn of public services, a class war being waged against the poor, the sick, the aged.

A hated ConDem government, and yet they are ahead of Labour in the opinion polls because Labour is offering no radical alternative, just more of the same. The only party that is, the Green Party, does not get a look in.

A couple of weeks ago, at their AGM, Barclays told their shareholders to stop whingeing as they handed out massive bonuses to greedy bankers, the very people who caused the financial crisis.

In Cyprus, we have politicians pissing in the wind, grasping at straws, if only, we find gas deposits, rather than addressing the funadamentals with their basket-case economy.

And have they not heard of the Carbon Bubble? Even if there are extensive gas deposits, they are probably not recoverable, not if we are to cap rise in global temperatures to less than 2C, which means the carbon cannot be extracted and burnt.


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2 Responses to “Iceland did it … so can we”

  1. keithpp Says:

    A step in the right direction, former Central Banker in Cyprus in the dock.

  2. keithpp Says:

    In UK, the people are even being denied the right of recall, ie to fire their Member of Parliament.

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