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Iceland did it … so can we

May 14, 2014
Iceland did it ... so can we

Iceland did it … so can we

If Iceland can do it, so can we.

In Iceland corrupt politicians and bankers are rotting in prison. Time to put corrupt planners, bankers, politicians in prison. But if we did, we would need a massive prison building programme.

Why are no corrupt politicians, bankers, rotting in prison in Ireland, England, Greece and Cyprus?

Greece is in the throes of austerity, debts it can not possibly repay.

In the UK, austerity is used as excuse for slash and burn of public services, a class war being waged against the poor, the sick, the aged.

A hated ConDem government, and yet they are ahead of Labour in the opinion polls because Labour is offering no radical alternative, just more of the same. The only party that is, the Green Party, does not get a look in.

A couple of weeks ago, at their AGM, Barclays told their shareholders to stop whingeing as they handed out massive bonuses to greedy bankers, the very people who caused the financial crisis.

In Cyprus, we have politicians pissing in the wind, grasping at straws, if only, we find gas deposits, rather than addressing the funadamentals with their basket-case economy.

And have they not heard of the Carbon Bubble? Even if there are extensive gas deposits, they are probably not recoverable, not if we are to cap rise in global temperatures to less than 2C, which means the carbon cannot be extracted and burnt.

Toxic Tiger

December 17, 2010

The Celtic Tiger never was, it was a myth!

We had the EU pump in billions of euros. We had the banks pump in billions of euros. Because the Irish were in the euro zone they were unable to take the necessary fiscal measures to stop the economy overheating, but they have shown such a level of financial ineptitude that had they had control they would probably have made it even worse.

Companies were setting up IT support in Ireland. Why? Not because of the home grown talent as there was none. It was because of the masisve EU handouts. All the key staff came from overseas. Often they would fly in for Monday to Friday, then fly back home for the weekend. A lucrative gravy train whilst it lasted but of no benefiit to the Irish.

Banks were peddling money like crack cocaine dealers. Want a million euros guv, why not have two, three even? The pushers getting fat on bonuses on the amount they pushed.

British banks alone have pushed somewhere between 50-100 billion euros. Heading the pack RBS. A bank that typified greed. Now bailed out by the British taxpayer.

Property prices soared. Houses that were going for a few hundred, maybe a few thousand or tens of thousand, were now going for half a million.

Greedy property developers and speculators jumped on the bandwagon. Money was to be made out of nothing.

Then came the crash and the day of reckoning. The idiots in charge displayed their lack of understanding of economics. The squeeze, austerity measures, have made a dire situation worse.

One property, at the height of the boom valued at £10 million, could not even reach the reserve at auction of a little over half a million. Individual apartments once fetching half a million, now cannot make 11,000.

And the losers? The builders, the plumbers, the brickies, all out of work.

The latest package from the economic illiterate cretins that constitute what is jokingly called a government in Ireland is to lower the minimum wage, hike taxes on working people. This deflates still further a failing economy. Meanwhile corporation tax stays at at ludicrously low rate.

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