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Iceland did it … so can we

May 14, 2014
Iceland did it ... so can we

Iceland did it … so can we

If Iceland can do it, so can we.

In Iceland corrupt politicians and bankers are rotting in prison. Time to put corrupt planners, bankers, politicians in prison. But if we did, we would need a massive prison building programme.

Why are no corrupt politicians, bankers, rotting in prison in Ireland, England, Greece and Cyprus?

Greece is in the throes of austerity, debts it can not possibly repay.

In the UK, austerity is used as excuse for slash and burn of public services, a class war being waged against the poor, the sick, the aged.

A hated ConDem government, and yet they are ahead of Labour in the opinion polls because Labour is offering no radical alternative, just more of the same. The only party that is, the Green Party, does not get a look in.

A couple of weeks ago, at their AGM, Barclays told their shareholders to stop whingeing as they handed out massive bonuses to greedy bankers, the very people who caused the financial crisis.

In Cyprus, we have politicians pissing in the wind, grasping at straws, if only, we find gas deposits, rather than addressing the funadamentals with their basket-case economy.

And have they not heard of the Carbon Bubble? Even if there are extensive gas deposits, they are probably not recoverable, not if we are to cap rise in global temperatures to less than 2C, which means the carbon cannot be extracted and burnt.

Solsbury Hill

April 10, 2012

It may come as a surprise to many people that Solsbury Hill, like Watership Down, is a real place.

Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, intro on guitar Steve Lawson.

Peter Gabriel was the former front man of Genesis. On leaving Genesis he became heavily involved in World Music, including founding Womad.

I saw Genesis perform many years ago. A friend had wired himself into their sound system and was recording the concert to reel-to-reel tape.

Members of Genesis went to school not far from where I live.

Steve Lawson is a bass player. Try his album Believe In Peace and Improv #1 (performed at the house of Brian Wilson who made this lovely video).

Christianity A History: Dark Ages

November 27, 2011
Lindisfarne Gospels

Lindisfarne Gospels

Christianity first came to Britain with the Romans. When the Romans left, Christianity all but died. Roman Christianity never displaced the local pagans and their temples of worship.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the only centres of learning and Christianity in Western Europe were the monasteries.

In England there were three competing religions: paganism, Roman Christianity and Celtic Christianity.

Celtic Christianity with its links to the East and the Coptic Church survived in the West of the Isles, Cornwall, Ireland and Wales.

Rome sent emissaries to Canterbury.

Rather than trying to subjugate the pagan kingdoms, they were too powerful, Christianity adapted. Pagan sites became the sites of churches, often the pagan temple became a church, festivals were adapted.

The Venerable Bede defined what it was to be English.

The Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (trans: Ecclesiastical History of the English People) is a work in Latin by Bede on the history of the Christian Churches in England, and of England generally; its main focus is on the conflict between Roman and Celtic Christianity. Referring to an English people, a Christian people. Several kingdoms, but one people.

Lindisfarne Gospels incorporated Islamic art. Incredible detail in the illuminations as you zoom in. Very reminiscent of fractals.

Charlemagne expanded the Holy Roman Empire across Europe. It was from England the conversion to Christianity took place.

King Alfred was a devout religious man, a scholar. He united the English under a common English language, he also translated parts of the Bible into English, one of the forerunners of the King James Bible.

King Alfred saw learning as important. Clergy had books but could not read them. He saw it as important that the people should have the word of God in their own language, that the Latin should be translated to English. Israel had the word in Hebrew, the Greeks in Greek, Romans in Latin, therefore why not the English in English?

Medieval translations of the Bible before King James

For these early Christians the empasis was inclusiveness, social justice. One could be a Dane and English.

We see echoes. The anti-slavery movement, the early socialists.

We see it today with St Paul’s in-the-Camp and St Paul’s working with the camp for social justice.

Responding to Occupy LSX
Cathedral protest — the tour

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