The Hobo Co

The Hobo Co in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham

The Hobo Co in Gostrey Meadow in Farnham

If I arrive in Farnham by train (the more scenic route) I walk through Gostrey Meadow and up through Downing Street into the town. If by bus, I get dropped off in the centre of town.

As I had not walked through Gostrey Meadow for several months, and as I wished to be in Downing Street, I decided to go on a detour, walk along the River Wey, and come back up into the town through Gostrey Meadow and Downing Street.

I am pleased I did, as I came across a battered old Citroen van (maybe they just look old and battered, the type you see in France and Italy) selling coffee and tea and cakes. Not that they had much left when I looked. A few biscuits that almost broke your teeth. An Italian delicacy, I was told, though I did not see in Italy, though I note Italy is very regional food wise. Very tasty.

I walked over and had a look and a chat. It turned out it was their first day.

The coffee was sourced and roasted in Winchester, their home-made lemonade was made from lemons sourced from the excellent greengrocer in Downing Street (where I was on my way if I caught before he closed).

Note: Coffee supplied by Winchester Coffee Roasters.

I was offered coffee, but I did not try, as good coffee is not at its best in take-away cartons, which they were at pains to stress could be fully recycled.

I learnt something new, Street Food.

Problem if they had glass, vital for freddo cappuccino. They have to be self-self-sufficient, limited water and risk of breakages as they travel around.

We need more little businesses like this, not Costa and Starbucks and tacky ice cream vans.

Parents with their kids preferred the coffee van to the ice cream van.

I suggested Guildford farmers market (first Tuesday of the month), Staycation live music festival in Godalming and the Alton Food Festival.

It looks like this battered old Citroen van, they always look to me like dustbins on wheels, could be a regular feature in the locality.

A recent study in Totnes shows that recycled in the local economy, accounts for £5 million per annum, and yet still local councils do not get it, the importance of encouraging local businesses.

We need more little businesses like The Hobo Co with their little battered Citroen van and Milk & Honey in Guildford, and less like Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks with their poor quality coffee, factory cakes and cloned corporate cultures.

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  1. Sebastian Bonfield Says:

    Thank you for your write up. Pleased you like what we’re doing!

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