Afternoon in Farnham

Not as warm as yesterday in Guildford, but still a pleasant afternoon in Farnham.

When will Oxfam learn not to rip people off? A book on sale, more than its cover price, almost double what it can be obtained new from Amazon post free, and approximately three times the going rate second hand.

If arriving by train, I would walk through Gostrey Meadow by the River Wey. Not having done so for a some time, I went on a detour to walk through Gostrey Meadow, and had a little walk along the river.

I was pleased I did. A battered old Citroen van, or maybe new they look battered, selling coffee and cakes. But why park on the grass, and why allow a tacky ice cream van in the park (also parked on the grass)?

Sat in the church yard for a while. A cool breeze blowing, but the sun burning.

Late lunch in The Barn.

The Barn is a distribution hub for the Transition Free Press. This excellent newspaper is well worth a pound.


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