Morning walk to Heighington

Washingborough-Heighington path through the woods

Washingborough-Heighington path through the woods

Heighington Beck

Heighington Beck

I decided this morning to take a walk to Heighington. The last time I was there, it was snowing, or had been snowing. This morning sunny.

Up Church Hill in Washingborough, past Washingborough Hall, cut through the village, then through some woods, which appeared to be a former quarry.

I was then not sure. I asked a taxi driver. I thought I had to turn off the main road, but it appears I was wrong, the main road went through Heighington.

The taxi driver though suggested I walk through an estate, then along the Beck. This is what I did, through an estate of executive housing, along a muddy track alongside Heighington Beck, and ended up in the village past the old watermill.

Heighington has a very good butcher with a good reputation. I expected him to be wiped out due to the horse meat scandal. He said he had been very busy, and had restocked his display.

He reiterated what I had already been told by another butcher. This scandal has been known of in the trade and has been going on for years. When supermarkets demand burgers from their suppliers at 4 pence a burger then corners are going to be cut.

If you buy industrial meat, then what do you expect? If you want quality meat, then buy from a good local butcher.

There is full tractability on meat. I bought Lincolnshire sausages, grilled them for lunch and they were excellent. The butcher had made them. Had I asked, he would know the pig and where it had come from.

Cakes and cheese from the deli in the Post Office, fresh eggs from Beckside Tea Room alongside the Beck, then catch a bus back from the bus stop opposite Beckside Tea Room.

Two girls aged maybe six or seven years old were about to get on the bus. He asked did they want a return into Lincoln. He suggested they caught the following bus due in a few minutes as they were a different bus company and ran more buses, which I thought was very kind of him.

Walking back, it was a lovely warm sunny spring day.

Washingborough and Heighington are two small Lincolnshire villages not far outside of Lincoln.

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