Afternoon tea at Glutton & Glee

Glutton & Glee

Glutton & Glee

I was on my way to Godalming from Guildford, last minute change of plans, I thought I would go and sit in the Castle Grounds, and passed by Glutton & Glee.

Glutton & Glee is a relatively new coffee shop in Guildford, maybe been there about a year or so. I often pass by on my way to Ben’s Records as they are closing.

Having never been in before and as it was mid-afternoon and they were open, I thought I would pop in and have a look.

Asked what I wanted, I said nothing, just having a look, is it ok if I take a few photos?

Answered in the affirmative I had a look around, then decided I would have a coffee and a cake.

I am not a great coffee lover. The coffee was so-so, but then I did ask for bog-standard coffee, nothing special, but far better than the disgusting coffee I had in Costa a couple of weeks ago.

The cake, walnut and coffee, was delicious.

Although not made on the premises, the cakes were freshly made, not factory made.

The coffee was not Fair Trade, was sourced from New Zealand.

One learns something new everyday. I never knew coffee came from New Zealand.

As well as teas, and coffees and cakes, also freshly made snacks.

Limited seating downstairs, three tables (the kitchen and serving area takes up most of the ground floor), there is an upper floor with art exhibitions and products for sale, a small seating area out the back and a plank running along the front of the shop.

I was pleased to see they did not sell Loseley Ice cream (which does not come from Loseley House), instead ice cream from a dairy on a farm.

Unlike Costa (which screams bland corporate), Glutton & Glee is a coffee shop with character.

Price wise little different to Costa (25 pence change from a fiver), quality wise far superior (not difficult to achieve).

Glutton & Glee has the added advantage of being next to Ben’s Records (one of the best record shops in the country) and on the way to Guildford Castle.

Occasionally one wanders into a place where one can see the love of what they are doing, Serrano Delicatessen in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife, Grocer and Grain in Brighton. Glutton & Glee.

In Guildford five Costa coffee shops, three Starbucks, one Caffè Nero. Not good.

With coffee shops like Glutton & Glee, I am baffled why anyone in Guildford would wish to drink coffee in Costa or Starbucks.

Art @ Costa used to take place at Costa on the first Tuesday of the month (same day as farmers market), but for reasons no-one seems to know, it has died. It was a good idea (apart from being held at Costa). If anyone wished to resurrect it, and assuming they wished to remain open one evening a month, Glutton & Glee would be an excellent venue

To find Glutton & Glee, walk two-thirds of the way up the cobbled High Street in Guildford, pass through Tunsgate on the right, go through to the end as though walking to the castle, and there on the left immediately before Ben’s Records is Glutton & Glee.

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3 Responses to “Afternoon tea at Glutton & Glee”

  1. Julia Says:

    Hello Keith
    Thanks for such a lovely review. It is great to hear that we are being appreciated for our efforts in offering fresh, home made quality food and drink. Also battling with the Costas and Starbucks etc to provide our lovely customers with a choice in the high street.

    I just wanted to add a couple of technical corrections on your review if I may regarding our coffee. Our coffee is supplied by Allpress Espresso, who are a New Zealand based company with a new Roastery/Cafe in London. They trade directly and fairly with coffee bean farmers in coffee growing nations. The coffee itself is not from New Zealand.

    Lastly, we are always interested in discussing community activities and events that have the potential to be held here in the cafe.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Glutton & Glee

  2. keithpp Says:

    No contest really, there are real coffee shops, then there is Costa and Starbucks, hence the launch of the Costa Coffee (dis)Loyalty Card scheme, show Costa Coffee (dis)Loyalty Card in an idie coffee shop and get a coffee for 99p.

    I asked was the coffee fair trade and where did it come from? I was told no, not fair trade and that it came from New Zealand. At the time I expressed surprise as I was not aware New Zealand was a source of coffee.

  3. keithpp Says:

    A new barista at Glutton & Glee, and what a difference a skilled barista makes. A marked improvement in the coffee since Shaun has started.

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