Political policing of dissent

Transition Heathrow riot police raid a greenhouse

Transition Heathrow riot police raid a greenhouse

King George asks are you a cop? Cop says no.

King George asks are you a cop? Cop says no.

zombies surrounded on Oxford Street

zombies surrounded on Oxford Street

zombies arrested

zombies arrested

another zombie arrested

another zombie arrested

What we have seen over the last week is the the iron fist of the state smashed in the face of dissent.

Over the past week there has been what can only be described as political policing of dissent. Yes, it has always been thus, but now far more blatant, a gung-ho, we can do as we please, in your face policing.

In the lead-up to the Royal Wedding, preemptive arrests of known dissidents, reminiscent of the round-up of dissidents before the Bejing Olympics.


One of the worst examples was the arrest of Charlie Veitch. He was arrested then ‘disappeared’. No one knew where he was being held, not his girlfriend, not his lawyer. And those who did know were not saying. Charlie was not allowed to contact his lawyer.


What difference was there between the arrest of Charlie Veitch in Cambridge, search of his home, and the arrest and search of his home of Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei?


Squats were raided.


The raid on the squat in Bristol was more like a drugs bust. The police were so heavy handed, that all by themselves they caused a riot. A week later, when a film was being shown of what took place, the police again went in heavy-handed.


Forty riot police raided Transition Heathrow, a community garden growing vegetables.


The police found those on site in possession of vegetables, chickens, bees and an enthusiasm to create a sustainable community in a world threatened by climate change.

Transition Heathrow has had a beneficial impact on Sipson, restoring wasteland to productive use.

It is no coincidence that simultaneous with the action by the police, over 50 political groups on facebook had their accounts closed.


Not that there should be any surprise. Facebook is not a neutral platform.


David Cameron warned the authorities not to interfere if local residents decided to throw a party to mark the Royal Wedding. This apparently did not filter down to the plods on the ground in either London or Glasgow.

In Glasgow the police turned a party into a riot.


In Soho Square, skinhead thugs, oops sorry, plain clothes police, attacked Zombies. A photographer who was recording what was taking place was assaulted by the police as he tried to leave Soho Square, stopped and searched once out on the street, then stopped yet again, assaulted, arrested and taken to a police station where he was forced to provide fingerprints and a DNA sample.


It is difficult to see a difference between the activities of state security thugs in Tahrir Square in Cairo to Soho Square in London.

On a Friday and Saturday night, the centre of Guildford in Surrey is turned into a no-go area by drunken scum. There is no action by the police to deal with the problem. It is only the patrols by Street Angels that stops it getting any worse.


Easter Sunday, EDL were allowed to march through Brighton even though there was the serious risk of public disorder.


Why was Glasgow and Soho Square targetted whereas a blind eye is turned to Guildford and many other town centres every Friday and Saturday night?

Guildford is part of the nighttime economy, a corporate imposed culture, Big Business is making money. In Glasgow and Soho Square people were making their own entertainment, they were doing it for free.

People have to understand they are consumers. They cannot be allowed to think.


What has happened over the last week, the iron fist in the face of dissent, is no different to the reaction of the authorities in Bahrain, Libya or Syria.

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