Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

It is hard to believe the last one was 30 years ago. And yet I can recall where I was. I was on the route, prime location.

I do not know why I was in London, but that evening I ate in Food for Thought in Covent Garden. Then Covent Garden had yet to be ruined. If it was a nice evening, which it was, we used to sit on the market barrows outside. Nearby was the workshop where they were made or repaired. Sadly long gone.

After I had eaten I noticed it was strangely deserted. Where is everyone I asked. Gone to Hyde Park, I was told.

Apparently there was a party, fireworks, the night before Diana and Charles got married.

I hopped on my bike and cycled over.

When it was over, the tens of thousands who were there all poured out, or at least tried to. Only they couldn’t. The big gates at Hyde Park Corner were closed, only the side gates were open.

A crush started to form. We could not move forward but the people behind were pushing forward. Slowly slowly, we were being crushed. I had visions of us being crushed to death.

Luckily no one panicked. It was quite a terrifying experience. I was told later I had a calming effect on those around me. We asked those around us to stop pushing forward and to pass the message back.

How we survived I do not know. But we did. Eventually we were able to get out, but even when we did get out we could not move, as the mass of people had log-jammed the traffic.

I had long missed the last train home, so there was nothing for it but to spend the night with the girl who had been crushed up against me. We had somehow kept each others spirits up half expecting to be crushed to death. At the time, we thought it a miracle we were not crushed to death.

There was nothing else to do than walk the streets. We walked the entire route the Royal Wedding was due to take. To our surprise there was not that many people around, though they were starting to flood in. We had our pick of any location.

I caught the first train out of London in the morning. Got home very tired and went to bed.

Next day, or maybe that evening, I passed through London on my way up to Scotland. An overnight train to Inverness, then a local train.

I was on my way to John O’Groats. London it was hot, John O’Groats it was cold.

From John O’Groats, over a period of three weeks, I cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End in Cornwall. I camped in farmers fields, drank from streams, washed in the rivers. Luxury was camping on rugby pitches and sharing a hot shower with the girls. Once Lands End was reached, and the girls I was with celebrated by cycling into Land’s End naked (apparently hit the front pages of the national press), I spent a week or more cycling around Cornwall.

How times have changed. Then prominent members of the Labour Party took a ferry to France. Maybe that is why Tony Blair and Gordon Brown failed to get an invite this time around, memories are long. Now you will not find members of the Labour Party voicing criticism, at least not in public.

As a Member of Parliament, you have to swear allegiance to the Queen. I remember Tony Benn saying he did so with his fingers crossed so it did not count.

It is a strange anachronism that in a modern democracy we have a a heredity Head of State. I do not though get too worked up about it as oddly enough it seems to work. If it did not I would be calling for change. What I do not like are the the sleazy, parasitic hangers on.

I find it odd that across the world two billion watched the Royal Wedding. Or did they? Not me, I was in Guildford for lunch and the afternoon. It was strangely quiet. It was like what it must have been like when shops were closed on a Sunday. Few shops were open, hardly any one was about.

What was totally unacceptable were the preemptive arrests that were taking place. On the day more arrests. Political dissent will not be tolerated. This is not Saudi Arabia or Syria or Bahrain.

Preemptive arrests

What was also totally unacceptable was that the Corrupt House of Saud and the Bahrain Royal Family got an invite.

Spot the difference at the royal wedding between Bahrain and Syria

But some criticism did manage to get out.

‘Kettling’ at royal wedding, noted by BBC
Johann Hari: Frenzy around Britain’s Royal Wedding “Should Embarrass Us All”
Not the Royal Wedding Party

One Response to “Royal Wedding”

  1. keithpp Says:

    David Cameron warned the authorities not to interfere if local residents decided to throw a party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. This message clearly did not get through to the police in Glasgow who turned a party into a riot.

    Kelvingrove Park: trouble at unofficial street party

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