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Charlie Veitch discussing his arrest

May 2, 2011

In a pre-crime arrest, Charlie Veitch was one of many dissidents arrested in the run-up to the Royal Wedding.

In true Orwellian tradition, these arrests were carried out in the name of democracy.

Just in case the message had not got through that dissent would not be tolerated, facebook political groups were deleted!

Preemptive arrests
Political policing of dissent

Political policing of dissent

May 1, 2011
Transition Heathrow riot police raid a greenhouse

Transition Heathrow riot police raid a greenhouse

King George asks are you a cop? Cop says no.

King George asks are you a cop? Cop says no.

zombies surrounded on Oxford Street

zombies surrounded on Oxford Street

zombies arrested

zombies arrested

another zombie arrested

another zombie arrested

What we have seen over the last week is the the iron fist of the state smashed in the face of dissent.

Over the past week there has been what can only be described as political policing of dissent. Yes, it has always been thus, but now far more blatant, a gung-ho, we can do as we please, in your face policing.

In the lead-up to the Royal Wedding, preemptive arrests of known dissidents, reminiscent of the round-up of dissidents before the Bejing Olympics.

One of the worst examples was the arrest of Charlie Veitch. He was arrested then ‘disappeared’. No one knew where he was being held, not his girlfriend, not his lawyer. And those who did know were not saying. Charlie was not allowed to contact his lawyer.

What difference was there between the arrest of Charlie Veitch in Cambridge, search of his home, and the arrest and search of his home of Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei?

Squats were raided.

The raid on the squat in Bristol was more like a drugs bust. The police were so heavy handed, that all by themselves they caused a riot. A week later, when a film was being shown of what took place, the police again went in heavy-handed.

Forty riot police raided Transition Heathrow, a community garden growing vegetables.

The police found those on site in possession of vegetables, chickens, bees and an enthusiasm to create a sustainable community in a world threatened by climate change.

Transition Heathrow has had a beneficial impact on Sipson, restoring wasteland to productive use.

It is no coincidence that simultaneous with the action by the police, over 50 political groups on facebook had their accounts closed.

Not that there should be any surprise. Facebook is not a neutral platform.

David Cameron warned the authorities not to interfere if local residents decided to throw a party to mark the Royal Wedding. This apparently did not filter down to the plods on the ground in either London or Glasgow.

In Glasgow the police turned a party into a riot.

In Soho Square, skinhead thugs, oops sorry, plain clothes police, attacked Zombies. A photographer who was recording what was taking place was assaulted by the police as he tried to leave Soho Square, stopped and searched once out on the street, then stopped yet again, assaulted, arrested and taken to a police station where he was forced to provide fingerprints and a DNA sample.

It is difficult to see a difference between the activities of state security thugs in Tahrir Square in Cairo to Soho Square in London.

On a Friday and Saturday night, the centre of Guildford in Surrey is turned into a no-go area by drunken scum. There is no action by the police to deal with the problem. It is only the patrols by Street Angels that stops it getting any worse.

Easter Sunday, EDL were allowed to march through Brighton even though there was the serious risk of public disorder.

Why was Glasgow and Soho Square targetted whereas a blind eye is turned to Guildford and many other town centres every Friday and Saturday night?

Guildford is part of the nighttime economy, a corporate imposed culture, Big Business is making money. In Glasgow and Soho Square people were making their own entertainment, they were doing it for free.

People have to understand they are consumers. They cannot be allowed to think.

What has happened over the last week, the iron fist in the face of dissent, is no different to the reaction of the authorities in Bahrain, Libya or Syria.

Royal Wedding zombie party in Soho Square

May 1, 2011

A group of zombies decided to hold a party in Soho Square in London. It is important to emphasise that this was not on the Royal Wedding route.

A bunch of skinhead thugs attacked more than one of those present. To me they looked no different to the EDL thugs who were marching in Brighton on Easter Sunday. Maybe they were one and the same. [see Kettled in Brighton]

Uniformed police who were witnesses to the assault turned a blind eye and stood by and did nothing. They then prevented those who were in Soho Square from leaving.

Zombies who were trying to get into Soho Square were arrested. Some were even dragged out of Starbucks!

The guy who was doing the filming was stopped and searched. A police officer complained the camera was in his face. Maybe he should not have shoved his ugly face into the camera.

The guy with the camera was stopped again. This time assuleted by the police, arrested and taken to a police station, where he wa sfoced to give fingerprints and DNA sample.

This was not Egypt or Syria or Libya or China. This was London on the day of the Royal Wedding!

We are sleepwalking into a police state.

Democracy in the UK?
Police State?
no dissent tolerated at royal wedding
Preemptive arrests
Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest

Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest

May 1, 2011

Charlie Veitch was one of those arrested in a pre-crime arrest the day before the Royal Wedding. He was then ‘disappeared’, no one knew where he was being held, to then be released after the wedding.

This is the first time I have seen police wearing CCTV. I have in the past seen CCTV mounted on a helmet.

Note the mention of the UK Uncut Fortnum and Mason action from a couple of weeks earlier.

It can be no coincidence that 50 or more political pages on facebook relating to cuts were removed.

This is political policing. Expect more as the cuts begin to bite.

This is Cambridge, England. Welcome to the New World Order.

Preemptive arrests
Democracy in the UK?

Two billion watched the Royal Wedding!

April 30, 2011

How true is this? Well despite all the hype, nothing like two billion worldwide watched the Royal Wedding.

The best guestimate for the Bejing Olympics was one billion.

Official figures released today are that 24.5 million in the UK watched the Royal Wedding. That is pretty good, but it was topped by Princess Di’s funeral (32.1 million) and the World Cup in 1966 (32.3 million). The wedding between Charles and Diana 30 years ago attracted 28.4 million viewers.

Less than half the UK population watched the Royal Wedding and they had the day off. Are we therefore to believe that a third of the world population watched the Royal Wedding even though more than half would have been at work or asleep?

The police estimate a million people lined the route of the Royal Wedding.

Royal wedding watched by 24.5 million on terrestrial TV
More or Less – wedding related statistics
PM – interview with former head of BBC audience research

Preemptive arrests

April 29, 2011
Police detain a woman in Oxford Street dressed as a zombie

Police detain a woman in Oxford Street dressed as a zombie

In the run-up to the Royal Wedding there has been preemptive arrests of people. You might do something therefore we better arrest you.

Royal wedding: police use section 60 to deter anarchists
Political policing in Britain ahead of the Big Day

Others have been excluded from London for the day.

For weeks, senior police officers have been boasting that anyone planning to voice dissent at the Royal Wedding will be treated as a criminal with sinister warnings that officers have been ordered to “shoot-to-kill” and the Queen’s Guard empowered to impale any threat with their bayonets. With the memories of Jean Charles de Menezes and Iain Tomlinson still fresh, such warnings sound more than a little ominous.

Wedding party-poopers warned off
We can protect William and Kate on their big day

If nothing else, this explains why UK Uncut put a message out on twitter saying they had no action planned for the day. At the time I was puzzled.

A couple of bizarre stories have surfaced recently claiming UK Uncut is planning to disrupt the Royal Wedding. This is not the case.

UK Uncut has nothing to do with any plans to protest at the wedding. All actions are announced publicly on our website.

As Laurie Pennie said on twitter:

Police have been building for this all week, saying they’ll pre-arrest people who are planning to disrupt the royal wedding. But noone is!

One such person arrested was Charlie Veitch, who was arrested in Cambridge on Thursday. From the number of police involved anyone would think this was a leading mafiosa being arrested, a terrorist plot maybe.

Charlie Veitch Arrested In Pre-Crime Raid Prior to Royal Wedding
Man arrested in Cambridge for royal wedding protest plan

No one seems to know where Charlie is being held, not even his lawyer.

The police circulated rumours that on the day anarchists would carry out dastardly acts. Rumours the complicit and compliant mainstream press regurgitated as fact.

On the day itself, a woman was arrested in Oxford Street in London for dressing as a zombie. Her ‘crime’, wearing a t-shirt saying ‘marry me instead’.

And do not even think of singing in Soho Square ‘We all live in a fascist regime’, to the tune of ‘We all live in a Yellow Submarine’ as the plain clothes police will swoop and bundle you away.

Royal wedding: police criticised for pre-emptive strikes against protesters

Imagine the outcry if this was happening in Egypt, Libya or Syria.

It all seems to be part of a coordinated clampdown on political dissent. The cops busting a squat in Bristol in a manner more typical of a major drugs bust. Last weekend I was held in a police kettle in Brighton. The reason I was held was that I had in my hand a leaflet explaining what were your rights if held by the police!

Kettled in Brighton

Is it mere coincidence that 50 facebook accounts that could be deemed political were shut down today? Contrary to what most people think, facebook is not a neutral platform.

Over 50 political accounts deleted in Facebook purge
Facebook forced to respond to our campaign for restoration of accounts
Facebook accused of removing activists’ pages
Disruption Talk

We now living in George Orwell’s Ninteen Eighty-four

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