Royal Wedding zombie party in Soho Square

A group of zombies decided to hold a party in Soho Square in London. It is important to emphasise that this was not on the Royal Wedding route.

A bunch of skinhead thugs attacked more than one of those present. To me they looked no different to the EDL thugs who were marching in Brighton on Easter Sunday. Maybe they were one and the same. [see Kettled in Brighton]

Uniformed police who were witnesses to the assault turned a blind eye and stood by and did nothing. They then prevented those who were in Soho Square from leaving.

Zombies who were trying to get into Soho Square were arrested. Some were even dragged out of Starbucks!

The guy who was doing the filming was stopped and searched. A police officer complained the camera was in his face. Maybe he should not have shoved his ugly face into the camera.

The guy with the camera was stopped again. This time assuleted by the police, arrested and taken to a police station, where he wa sfoced to give fingerprints and DNA sample.

This was not Egypt or Syria or Libya or China. This was London on the day of the Royal Wedding!

We are sleepwalking into a police state.

Democracy in the UK?
Police State?
no dissent tolerated at royal wedding
Preemptive arrests
Royal Wedding Purge 2011: Charlie Veitch Arrest

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