How to save people in Eastern Japan



Situation in Eastern Japan is still bad.
More than 10thousand people are found dead in the earthquake and tsunami (most of the victims were killed in tsunami).
And nearly 20thousand people are not even found yet.
Tsunami swep away the towns and villages near the coast of some of the prefectures.
Those disaster area lacks in everything still in this present point.
No electricity, no foods, no medicine, no house to sleep, no fuel to burn the stove.
So plaese donate for those people.
Money is very important for them after the disaster.
Japanese Red Cross might be the best organization to donate:

I also want the people of United Nation to have a conference as soon as possible.
Economy will decline for sure after this disaster; many of factories are closed, and due to the power plant problem, farmers can’t produce crops, even in Tokyo lacks electricity.
That means that this problem will continue for a long time.

The disaster area needs volunteer:
Please come to volunteer to Japan.
All kinds of people are needed.
Still thousands of people are staying at the shelters don’t know what to do.
Doctors, carpenters, counselor, chef, all kinds of people are needed to help them.

Sing for the victims:
Plaease sing a song for the people badly affected by earthquake and post it in YouTube.
I am sure that music will bright up the people.
Send relief goods to disaster area:
Thousands of people just lost everything, even their houses and cars.
If you want to send something directly, please send it to the prefectoral office below.
These 4 prefectures were badly affected by tsunami.
Print it out and paste one of the 4 and send it to Japan.
Don’t forget to write a message on the surface of the package (people might not notice that it was sent for donation).

宮城県県庁 JAPAN

岩手県県庁 JAPAN

青森県県庁 JAPAN

福島県県庁 JAPAN

Please write your idea what to do:

Thousands of people seems as if they lost their future.

Please write if you have any idea how to reconstruct their washed out community.

And to my friends and anyone who is reading this, please re-post, share this article on your webpage.

Love & Peace to the world

from Tokyo Japan

I was more than happy to re-post what was originally posted by Ken Crane on his blog.

As I wrote to Ken Crane, the only good to come out of this tragedy is that it has woken the world to the dangers of nuclear power. Those areas in the vicinity of the nuclear fallout are probably off-limits for at least a generation.

Top story in Japan earthquake/Terremoto en Japón for Sunday 27 march 2011.

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  1. Ken Crane Says:

    Thank you Keith for the re-post!!

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