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Thinking of Home

April 5, 2011
thinking of home

thinking of home

My deepest condolences to the people in Japan. Thank you, those who kindly contacted me. My family is safe in Tokyo. As I learn about all horrible news from Japan, my heart is breaking. I grew up in Japan, listening to many horrible earthquake disaster stories, and was always ready for that, but not for this one. I am sad. — Naoko Stoop

$10 each from the sales of Thinking of Home print is going to be used to support American Red Cross, Japan Red Cross, and other organizations for their disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake throughout the Pacific.

Self-taught Japanese illustrator Naoko Stoop lives in Brooklyn, New York. She creates childhood images in her loft studio.

I’m trying to bring out the five-year old in people through my artwork. Because I believe that is the last moment before children start learning how complicated the world is, and that was when I once stopped drawing. It took me decades to come back to myself.

Top story in Liberal Slacker (Tuesday 5 April 2011).

Wishes and cranes with love
Japan: Dignity amidst destruction
How to save people in Eastern Japan
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Wishes and cranes with love

April 5, 2011
treasure box

treasure box

Last week Sunday I visited HG at his home. I stood before him with the treasure box (as shown above) in my hands.

“Do you want to see what’s inside?” I said.

HG came closer, drawn to the silver and gold, the glitter that twinkled on top.

I opened the box. HG’s face brightened with a smile. Nestled inside were four colorful, paper cranes. A rainbow of blue, yellow, pink, orange, red, and green.

He caressed the beak of the crane closest to him.

“Do you know where we are sending this treasure box?”

He shook his head.

“To Japan.”

paper cranes

paper cranes

“Japan?” he said, excited about going to a new place and telling his friends at pre-K.

“We’re also putting wishes inside the box.”

HG raised his eyes in a wonder.

“And you will get to pick four names, who will each receive a special print created by Naoko Stoop. She’s a Japanese artist. Would you like to pick four names later?”

HG nodded. He touched another crane, careful not to crush the wings.

I searched for the right words to explain the recent tragic events. Words that would not lie but also not leave a mark of helplessness. I bent down, meeting him face-to-face. I said, “There was a big earthquake in Japan and many things were lost, even children’s homes like the one you have here. We are sending wishes to show them that we care and are praying for them.”

That evening at the dining table, after dinner had been eaten, I spread a small confetti of yellow rectangles in front of HG. His parents smiled.

“Are you ready?” I said.

HG’s face bloomed with joy. He reached over and picked a rectangle, then another until four were placed in my palm: Michael Douglas Jones, Dr. Pooja Tripathi, Anita Bondi, and Katie_9999.

“Can I pick more?” HG said.

“Sure,” I said. “That’s a good idea. In case the first four are unable to accept the gift.”

When all the names had been selected, I asked HG if he had a wish for Japan.

“That I love them,” HG said. “Yes.”

thinking of home

thinking of home

❤ Thank you, readers, for all your wishes of light, love, and hope for Japan. For joining us here and wrapping your arms around hope. So many ways to help:

American Red CrossDoctors Without Borders
Global GivingJapan Earthquake Relief FundNaoko Stoop’s Help Japan ProjectOperationSafeFaith and Courage.

Thank you for making the Journey of Hope a possible one. For the donations, large and small. It all helps as we move forward. Together.

A special thanks go out to Ken Crane for receiving our treasure box of wishes and cranes for the children of Japan, and to Naoko Stoop for donating portions of her proceeds to the American Red Cross. Thank you for showing the way with H๏Pモ.

May Japan’s strength and courage be the light in the night that brings her a new day when all that has been destroyed be remade.

In this moment for Japan, SUMMER by Joe Hisaishi. Let’s play it live, lift our hearts together with a song. To the grace and courage of Japan ❤

— Mia

Originally posted by Mia on her blog.

Thinking of Home
Japan: Dignity amidst destruction
How to save people in Eastern Japan
Thoughts and prayers for Japan

How to save people in Eastern Japan

March 26, 2011


Situation in Eastern Japan is still bad.
More than 10thousand people are found dead in the earthquake and tsunami (most of the victims were killed in tsunami).
And nearly 20thousand people are not even found yet.
Tsunami swep away the towns and villages near the coast of some of the prefectures.
Those disaster area lacks in everything still in this present point.
No electricity, no foods, no medicine, no house to sleep, no fuel to burn the stove.
So plaese donate for those people.
Money is very important for them after the disaster.
Japanese Red Cross might be the best organization to donate:

I also want the people of United Nation to have a conference as soon as possible.
Economy will decline for sure after this disaster; many of factories are closed, and due to the power plant problem, farmers can’t produce crops, even in Tokyo lacks electricity.
That means that this problem will continue for a long time.

The disaster area needs volunteer:
Please come to volunteer to Japan.
All kinds of people are needed.
Still thousands of people are staying at the shelters don’t know what to do.
Doctors, carpenters, counselor, chef, all kinds of people are needed to help them.

Sing for the victims:
Plaease sing a song for the people badly affected by earthquake and post it in YouTube.
I am sure that music will bright up the people.
Send relief goods to disaster area:
Thousands of people just lost everything, even their houses and cars.
If you want to send something directly, please send it to the prefectoral office below.
These 4 prefectures were badly affected by tsunami.
Print it out and paste one of the 4 and send it to Japan.
Don’t forget to write a message on the surface of the package (people might not notice that it was sent for donation).

宮城県県庁 JAPAN

岩手県県庁 JAPAN

青森県県庁 JAPAN

福島県県庁 JAPAN

Please write your idea what to do:

Thousands of people seems as if they lost their future.

Please write if you have any idea how to reconstruct their washed out community.

And to my friends and anyone who is reading this, please re-post, share this article on your webpage.

Love & Peace to the world

from Tokyo Japan

I was more than happy to re-post what was originally posted by Ken Crane on his blog.

As I wrote to Ken Crane, the only good to come out of this tragedy is that it has woken the world to the dangers of nuclear power. Those areas in the vicinity of the nuclear fallout are probably off-limits for at least a generation.

Top story in Japan earthquake/Terremoto en Japón for Sunday 27 march 2011.

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