The Lion and Snake

Piss poor service or racist pub?

The Lion and Snake a pub with appalling reputation, Saturday afternoon rowdy drunks, coronavirus super spreader, at night it gets worse, urinating up the wall, brawls in the street.

Not somewhere I would wish to frequent.

A friend asked me to join her. She must have been there about twenty minutes. I waited for what must have been a further twenty minutes, no one came to our table, staff walked by ignoring us.

She did not have a drink. I asked had no one taken her order? She said yes. How long to serve a drink? She tried to catch attention of staff, they ignored her.

I said, I do not tolerate this treatment, we should walk out. Or at least go to the pub next door, The Prince of Wales, where are not treated in this way.

She was reluctant to leave and decided to stay, I left.

I would add, my friend is Black.

Which leaves my original question, piss-poor service or racist pub? She was the only Black person sat in the grounds of the pub. No one else was having these problem of piss poor service.

The local licencing authority should have closed this pub last year, stripped landlord of licence.

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