Takeaway coffee 200 Degrees Lincoln

200 Degrees is not somewhere I would usually go out of choice, occasionally yes, to see if their coffee has improved (poor quality beans, wrong cup size) but Thursday day fifty two of lockdown first week a coffee shop open albeit takeaway only, needs must, missed a bus by seconds and an hour to wait for the next bus, I fancied a coffee having not had one since before lockdown, and nowhere else was open.

Served by one of their better baristas, and under my guidance, no I did not want the cheap beans and wished for correct cup size, I was pleasantly surprised. A decent cappuccino.

The claim they were busy to be taken with a pinch of salt. Maybe busy compared with no one. There was no one about, and neither was there was when I passed by two hours earlier.

Coffee served in a compostable takeaway cup, later popped onto the compost heap.

One Response to “Takeaway coffee 200 Degrees Lincoln”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Maybe an element of the first cup for so long it was always going to taste good 😀.

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