Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty two

A milestone of sorts reached, passed fifty days in lockdown. Though if wish to be strictly correct partial lockdown as always been able to go out, buy food, take a walk or other activity, though little else.

By last weekend lockdown was already starting to breakdown down, then on Sunday the insanity of Stay Alert replacing Stay Home.

It was therefore with some trepidation venturing out today. I have been out twice a week during lockdown, bus into the city visit a few shops, but felt relatively safe. With more people about less safe.

Middle of the day early afternoon not rush hour I would risk it. Though little choice as running out of food. I was also looking forwrd to fihs n chips for lunch.

Only three pole on the bus. I asked the driver what it was like rush hour, He said so far ok.

Adnb the driver off engine and oend the door, a marked improvement,

Passing bypass under consruction, a lot more work taking place.

More traffic.

200 Degrees in Sincil Street open, though no customers.

Fihn n chip Sign of the Fih not open. Maynbe they tried lastg Saturdaym devoced not suffinct cutm.

NBack to Steeo Hill, less of a climb. Usually no oneabout. Maube half a dozen pople.

Cafe Portico their wood fired clat over fired uo though no one aroudn.

Walking a up Steeo Hill, Castle Hill and Bailgatrem a few turits about. Forst time since lockedown seen toursits,

On the way up I pooped into a shop that specialsioices in produce of Lincolnshire, a reativley new shop, long chat with lady behind the counter.

One lady for tge fis n chiop shop shop or was she for the fruit and veatble shop. I asked, greengricer and she informed me fish n chip not open until four.

AS I was now the only one waithing, I decoed to vist the green groced. POcked up tomato palnes and runner benas planst, plus sone fresh produce.

Looked on TREdhill fam shop. My other raeson for climining the hill, was the farmers market on Saturday. Dadly nom though no ryme nor raeson why it should not take place.

Walking back down, many more pole in the High Street.

I miss the bus by seconds. Uually only one hour in the twnm alredy two houts, now going to be thrree hurs.

I ma not too fussed. I can po in 200 Degrees and have a coffee. Plesantly surpised, susially mediacore.

Vist M&S. It is exoteamely annouying and carss tipuditm sioalayes obsitrrctung access coridor throygh to Food Hall. Pushed vclsoed to other shoppers. Some one needs to ge their act tohrth.

For passnegesron the rerun bus.

— to be continued —


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