Abandoned e-scooters in Athens

Abandoned e-scooters are becoming a major problem in Athens.

Many users are considerate, park their scooters to one side, but many are not, drop their scooters anywhere, in the middle of a square, across footpaths, on street corners, even across a pedestrian crossing.

There appears to be two companies involved. That are currently operating in a legislative vacuum.

The e-scooters are a danger when ridden through pedestrianised areas, a danger to the rider when used on busy roads.

What is the legal situation when an accident occurs, a pedestrian trips over an abandoned e-scooter, who is responsible, the e-scooter company, the rider?

Abandoned supermarket trolleys were dealt with by local municipality collecting up, then charging a fee for recovery. The same practice should apply to abandoned e-scooters, minimum 100 euros recovery, 10 euros per day storage fee, levied on the companies. If this drives the companies out of business a beneficial side effect.

Illegally parked cars are towed away, a recovery fee paid. That is the least that needs to happen with e-scooters

Hot spots, Plaka, around The Acropolis, Monastiraki.

In Mallorca a clampdown on the use of e-scooters, hefty fines of up to 200 euros for misuse, 80 euros to recover abandoned e-scooters

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