Athens first Tuesday of November

A contrast to wet and raining previous day in Peristeri, 24C clear blue sky. Nor did it turn cold once the sun set. It remained very warm at night.

To Hill of the Muses, maybe Koile Valley, then Ancient Agora.

At least that was the plan.

A slight detour to the derelict mansion behind the Acropolis Museum.

Abandoned e-scooters everywhere, a major problem.

As I walk along, views of The Acropolis and Hill of the Muses.

Another detour to Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient Greek theatre.

Climb up through the wooded slopes of Hill of the Muses.

Well worth the climb as excellent views open up of The Acropolis and over Athens.

Then as a pleasant day, walk through Koile Valley.

I spot a wild tortoise.

Too little time, not worth visiting Ancient Agora.

Cold brew in The Underdog.

Outside Thisio Metro station, a little snack bar next to Coffee island. Food is always excellent, though coffee not good, but if drinking cheap crap coffee why pay Coffee Island?

I had a spinach pie without the cheese, followed by a cappuccino and flapjack.

Spinach pie and flapjack excellent, coffee undrinkable. But what to expect at 1-40 euros for a cappuccino? I only had out of curiosity.

It was then head to Central Market to find phone shops near Taf.

I picked up a Samsung A3 2017 for 130 euros. I could have picked up Samsung A20 for 160 euros, only 30 euros more, amazing spec, 64 GB, octo-core processor, 22 Mpx camera, but I do not like the phone.

I was then head to Peek a Bloom, but as passed by Anana decided to stop for a coffee.

Note: Photos of Anana poor quality, I had neglected to remove plastic film on the back of new phone.

Dinner with a view.

Although very tired, nearing midnight and had wanted an early night, I decided to head to Duente for a craft beer. When I have passed by in the past told they have craft beer. No craft beer.

I try Little Tree, too late, already closed.

I then headed for the craft beer bar Ο Μπαμπάς that I found a few days previous.

Excellent craft beer at craft beer bar Ο Μπαμπάς but at 7 euros for a small bottle expensive.

Om my way back, I go a different way, pass a bar on a corner, red strip lighting, a man sat outside comes to life, tries to drag me in, tells me it is free.

Blinds down the window, I peek through the gap, bar empty, a large circular bar, no one there but scantily dressed women around the bar.

A brothel?


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