Souvlaki at No 1

Following a trip to Larnaca Monday two weeks ago, decide to eat moussaka at No 1

I wished for moussaka. No moussaka.

Why a sign outside if no moussaka? Or at the very least remove the sign.

I should have got up and left. Got up and left and headed to Nissiotis where excellent moussaka.

Mushroom soup was excellent, or would have been had not too much salt been added.

Only ever add tiny amount of salt. If need be more can be added to suit taste.

Svoulaki served on top of pittas bread with salad piled on top. Pretty dumb, as the souvlaki gets cold. I scraped the salad off, but even so, souvlaki was cold before I was half way through. The pork succulent and tasty, but tough.

Souvlaki poor compared with served in Plaka in Athens.

Then long wait for the bill, a very long wait, no one around to call.

Use of facebook to log into wifi not acceptable. Even worse, posting on Facebook that at No 1.

This is serous abuse of data protection and personal privacy and possibly illegal as breach of EU data protection.

Facbook exists to collect and abuse personal data, which is then used to manipulate.

The most valuable data for facebook is personal data and location data. Never on facebook live link where are. No 1 do this without even asking.

Restaurant almost empty. True of most nights when I pass by. True of almost every restaurant in Protaras. Casualties of all-inclusive hotels and a destructive race to the bottom.

Many years ago, No 1 was an excellent place to eat, always busy. It then went downhill, quality and service poor, prices high. It then picked up, but now has gone downhill again.

It is though a sad refection of sign of the times. Restaurants in Protaras are going bankrupt in a race to the bottom against all-inclusive.

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