Afternoon at Larnaca

A local bus to Ayia Napa, then change to an InterCity bus for Larnaca.

I could have got a local bus to Ayia Napa and cheaper, but two hours, the InterCity an hour and a half.

I would have expected people to alight from an already overcrowded bus at Konnos Bay, instead more piled on and a couple of people were left at the bus stop.

I decided to explore the Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park. An hour or more would have been needed to have done it justice. I had a little time whilst waiting for the InterCity bus.

The InterCity bus hit the coast 11 km before the city of Larnaca, then all the way along the coast into Larnaca.

Desolation most of the way. Hotels empty shells, covered in graffiti, then on into Laranaca, many empty buildings.

The bus final stop on the beach, a little way past Larnaca Marina.

I was a looking for a bicycle coffee shop, somewhere along this road.

I decided to back track to the beginning, then walk along the beach.

Fortunate I did this. I saw a sign pointing the the bicycle coffee shop, but was pointing into the marina. Then spotted a bicycle outside serving coffee.

Nick’s Coffee Bike serving coffee from Has Bean coffee in England.

Excellent cappuccino.

A little way past the coffee bike exercise machines. An excellent idea.

With what little time I had left, I looked in the marina, walked along the beach, past the medieval castle, then turned around and walked back to catch the bus to Ayia Napa.

The road is lined with corporate chains, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coffee Island.

The beach a dirty grey.

Once past the old castle, more interesting area, but no time to explore, I had a bus to catch

The bus I was not sure, but yes, correct bus.

I alighted at the square in Ayia Napa. Waiting for the bus, moronic music blasting out across the square.

When the bus arrived, already full, passengers piled on like animals.

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