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Afternoon in Farnham

August 17, 2019

On the way to Farnham popped into Aldershot.

Walking through Gostrey Meadow a rather sad pathetic VE/VJ Fete. little there and few people. Sad too because these people gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Why do idiots think ok to park on the double yellow lines in Downing Street?

Poor quality pork chops in the butcher. He apologised for the poor quality.

Lunch at Gail’s. Nothing left. Empty.and yet tables not cleared.

To Krema for a cappuccino.

A walk around Bishop’s Meadow. I was disappointed to find no cows. Then I spotted them, they had settled down for the evening.

Waitrose was almost empty. Served promptly, wonders will never cease.

Afternoon in Farnham

August 10, 2019

Very strong winds, cool compared with of late.

Alight from bus and walk along River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow.

This used be an enjoyable pleasant walk, but since building of an ugly bridge to facilitate building of an unwanted shopping centre not so, but still better than walking through the narrow streets and enduring traffic fumes.

I looked in Okomoko zero waste shop, almost filled a jar with muesli, then topped off with dried apricots.

Why were the apricots dark brown? I have seen dried apricots like this before, but not in England, in Athens.

Girl said the orange coloured ones were dyed. Seemed odd.

I checked. No, treated with SO2 to retain their orange colour, the dark ones are not and turn a dark colour as dry naturally in the sun.

Gail’s the service has never been great, never see the same staff twice.

Tables covered in dirty dishes. Customers were having to clear.

When my order was brought, a sausage roll, the sausage pink and under-cooked, no attempt to clear my table.

Gail’s is not god for coffee.

As always cars parked outside Gail’s on the double yellow lines.

To Krema for a coffee.

I thought of going for walk around Bishop’s Meadow, dark clouds were not far away. I thought best to go to Waitrose.

Irony is lost on Waitrose. A notice where the shelves stacked with toilet rolls stating Waitrose going plastic free, the toilet rolls warped in plastic.

The usual poor service in Waitrose. Only two tills manned.

No 1 Bus from Aldershot going on a diversion. Nothing at the bus station to inform passengers.

Afternoon in Farnham

July 27, 2019

On the bus, any bus, there is a sign instructing do not stand in front of this line and distract the driver.

Why do Stagecoach staff who should know better think it does not apply to them?

En route to Farnham, Stagecoach staff member stood chatting to the driver, distracting the driver, obstructing view of the road, putting passengers at risk.

Why did the driver not instruct him to sit down?

Alight and walk along the River Wey, through Gostrey Meadow and into Farnham.

Made butcher before closed. I always forget to ask the butcher to score my pork chop. I think I will give standing instruction. Maybe he will remember even if I never do.

It was only when walking to Gail’s to see what there was to eat I remembered I had forget to bring container to pick up muesli from Okomono zero waste shop. I did think of seeing what they had I may use. A moot point, as by the time I passed by later already closed.

A weeny teeny bread roll with smoked salmon at Gail’s. Table outside dirty. Not cleaned until I was about to leave. And even then only the dirty crockery taken away, the table not cleaned. Poor service the norm for Gail’s. That and poor quality coffee.

If I sit outside, I hate to sit inside, all too often cars park in the disabled bay. Today, car parked, disabled badge displayed in the window, able bodied driver walks off down the road.

Cappuccino at Krema. Gone five and busy.

I had not intended to walked all the way around Bishop’s Mewadow.

The path leading into the next field overgrown as was the field. There can no longer be horses kept there as usually a grassy field. I am surprised the farmer has not cut the hay.

On my way meet half a dozen cattle grazing.

On my way back, long conversation with a man about the management of Bishops Meadow.

By the time I reach the the churchyard, tired.

To Waitrose, then two buses to catch.

Afternoon in Farnham

July 20, 2019

A warmish afternoon in Farnham.

Alighting from the bus and walking along the River Wey I could hear music, but it was not coming from Gostrey Meadow.

I headed down a side street to the William Cobbett.

Several years ago I found a music festival in the back yard of the pub. A hog roast and excellent music. Never to be repeated, pub changed hands and has probably has several times since.

I slipped though a fence into the back of the pub. An impromptu stage, dreadful singer playing a guitar, no hog roast, burgers and hot dogs.

I slipped into the pub, could not see a thing, dark and gloomy. When my eyes adjusted, the same crap beer as in every pub across the country, even on the hand pumps, though I did find one lone brewery on a hand pump, it was ok, but not in the same league craft beers in Growlers & Cans, the usual bores blocking access to the bar, an old pub ruined by a massive widescreen TV on one wall. Easy to see why pubs are closing.

I took my half pint, sat outside for a while, but could not stand the noise from the singer.

Made the butcher as about to close. An idiot in an expensive Porsche, parked on double yellow lines, engine running, whilst did a soot of shopping.

Cappuccino at Krema.

A walk around Manor Field and a small section of Bishop’s Meadow

Afternoon in Farnham

July 13, 2019

Morning cool, afternoon hot, evening cool. Strange weather.

Alighted from the bus before Farnham, visited Bells Place Fete.

A mistake. It was not very good last year, nor this year.

Then walked through Farnham Park. Climbed to the top of the ridge, walked along, then down into the centre of Farnham through Castle Street.

Dropped in The Nelson Arms and had a half.

Once again reminded why I do not frequent pubs. Idiots blocking access to the bar, idiots stood between door and the bar. Entire pub to occupy, which was other wise empty, but they block access to the bar.

My beer was not that great either.

Once again, far better craft beer available in coffee shops and in Growlwrs & Cans, and do not have idiots blocking access to the counter.

I then visited Krema. Not seen owner for several months. We were chatting but if someone came in to order a coffee, I moved out of the way, I did not block their access.

I suggested what several coffee shops offer, a rotating selection of guest coffee, and gave a few suggestions.

Earlier I had popped in the vegan restaurant cum zero waste shop, obtained muesli and apricots.

Walked through the churchyard but too lazy to walk around Bishop’s Meadow.

To Waitrose. Appalled to see Cupsmith tea on the shelves in Waitrose. Massive fail by their buyers. Cupsmith coffee is crap, their tea little better.

Once again Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant closed. It appears to have closed down as each time I pass by it is closed. I did though notice that the dirty cups I saw last time I passed by and looked in the window had been removed. Power to the espresso machine still on.

No surprise if it has closed. It was always empty, and although the menu always looked enticing, the couple of times I have eaten there the food was not good.

Afternoon in Farnham

December 7, 2018

A cold wintry afternoon in Farnham.

Carrot and coriander soup with toasted bread followed by a cappuccino in Krema.

I cannot recall when was the last time, if ever Krema empty. Lovely and peaceful.

I looked in Robert Dyas. Two weeks ago, 4000 mAh power banks. I inquired last week, not in stock. I inquired again today, yes in stock, hidden out the back.

A quick shop in Waitrose.

In Starbucks, latte levy of 5p. I cannot see this would make a jot of difference. It needs to be at least 25p. 5p is less than the difference of a cup of coffee across coffee shops. It would be useful to see hard evidence.

There has been an increase in the use of disposable coffee cups. It was the chains that blocked the introduction of a 25p latte levy.

The Boston Tea Party introduced a ban on takeaway coffee cups six months ago. This has seen their takeaway trade drop by a quarter. But was this translated to relaxing with a coffee served in glass or ceramic? Again lack of hard data.

In addition to a pork chop, I had two rashers of un-smoked back bacon from the local butcher. Grilled bacon sandwich for tea. Excellent bacon.

Afternoon in Farnham

December 1, 2018

Heavy rain overnight, afternoon wet but not raining.

Last week I had found 4000 mAh power banks in Robert Dyas. I could not find today, and store too busy to ask.

I notice they have Cambridge bamboo eco mug. Are these the same as ecoffee cup which are also bamboo and look the same marketed under a different name or a clone thereof? The main difference, apart from name, not in a box and much cheaper. Horrible silicone rubbery lid and and holder.

I notice this year ecoffee cups seem to have taken off as everywhere and appear to have replaced Keep Cup, for example FCB Coffee kiosk on Guildford Station. Though personally I prefer a glass Keep Cup or better still relax in an indie coffee shop with specialty coffee served in glass or ceramic.

I am also seeing, most indie coffee shops have on sale reusable cups, offering a discount if bring own cup, though many quite rightly state must be clean and barista friendly, and have moved to compostable cups. As always the indie coffee shops leading the way.

Therefore quite shocking to read a report from last month in The Mail that sales of disposable coffee cups have soared. All the more shocking in light of the massive negative press against disposable coffee cups.

It is long overdue the introduction of a 25p latte levy on takeaway coffee and that coffee drinkers are encouraged to relax with specialty coffee in an indie coffee shop served in glass or ceramic.

Leak and potato soup served with toasted sourdough bread in Krema followed by a cappuccino and flapjack.

If someone calls looking for a job in an indie coffee shop based on they have worked at any of the coffee chains do you offer them a job? No, show them the door. On the other hand if they say they wish to leave a corporate chain because they wish to learn more about coffee, then yes, offer them a job.

I catch Robert Dyas before they close. No, no 4000 mAh powerbanks, at least not what I found last week. I suspect a special buy for Black Friday to claim a price reduction.

I should have popped back last week, but I assumed they were closed.

In Waitrose, bananas rotting on the shelves.

Something I have not seen before, overpriced muesli in a plastic jar.

We are going backwards.

I speak with a member of staff. No one cares.

Afternoon in Farnham

November 10, 2018

An unpleasant day. Heavy rain all night, heavy rain all day. I was delayed by two hours until the rain eased off a little.

I looked in St Mark’s Church. They have a World War One window which has recently been restored. I have not noticed before and could not find.

Tomato and basil soup with toasted bread, followed by cappuccino and flapjack at Krema.

Cappuccino had chocolate which ruins the coffee. Krema should know better.

Out of control children, mother makes no attempt to control them.

Sigh of relief from staff and few remaining customers when they leave.

An idiot with a large 4×4 parked on the double yellow lines and on the footpath. This is the norm for Farnham, no enforcement.

Cut through church yard.

What I assume to be Christmas lights in Lion and Lamb Walk. Could they not have waited until lights are officially turned on next week, with festivities in Gostrey Meadow from lunchtime onward?

Bananas rotting on the shelves in Waitrose, sweating and rotting in plastic bags. Pomegranates in plastic boxes. A handful of sliced green beans in plastic, shipped from Kenya.

Are the lazy people of Farnham so useless they cannot slice beans? And why ship beans from Kenya?

Only three tills manned. As I am laving I mention the rotting bananas. Not the first time I have raised bananas rotting on the shelves. No one cares.

This is the norm for Waitrose, piss-poor service, fresh produce packed in plastic. Waitrose and M&S, high prices and the two worst supermarkets for piss-poor service and obscene use of plastic.

Contrast with Hisebe, fresh produce loose, cereals, nuts, dried fruits loose, liquids for example organic shampoo top up own container, and excellent service.

And yet Iceland has a TV commercial banned for highlighting damage palm oil plantations cause to rain forests.

St Mark’s Church open, a vigil to mark Armistice Day. I quietly walked around the church. I still could not find the window. I remained a little while in silent contemplation. I thought of the horror of those souls who died in the trenches.

Afternoon in Farnham

August 18, 2018

A pleasantly warm afternoon.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to walk along the riverside walk along the River Wey.

Once again, publicly minded citizens have torn down a section of the fence obstructing the footpath. The problem is getting out the other end.

And why is the footpath closed? To enable a bridge to be built to bring construction material in from the A31, one lane of which will be coned off for months if not years, to build a shopping centre that no one wants, a shopping centre that will be empty, a shopping centre that will destroy the character of an historic market town. Many empty shops in the town but corrupt local councils decides to build a shopping centre, a shopping centre that will sit empty.  The only reason it has been able to proceed, the developer went bankrupt, is because Surrey County Council has handed over £50 million of public money to keep the project afloat.

A festival in Gostrey Meadow, some sort of 1940s celebration, an American band playing. Nothing to say what it was, no people. Closing the footpath leading into the park does not help.  I learnt later, a VE/VJ fete.

Just made the butcher before he closed. I missed last week. I asked did he close on the dot if not early. He admitted he may have closed early as very quiet last week.

Vegan restaurant very strange soup, watermelon, apple, and mint. I cannot see how this can be soup. I was willing to try, but no we stop serving food after four. Not, sorry we have run out. That is why these little businesses fail, lack of flexibility, turning away custom. Maybe I was lucky.

On to Gail’s. For once tables outside clean. Not busy, only one table inside occupied. Gail’s is never busy.

Tomato and red pepper soup was good.

I sat outside. It is not pleasant inside.

People sat next to me after the table was vacated. When whatever they had ordered was served, they had to ask for the table to be cleared.  The table the other side of me not cleared. When they left, no attempt to clear the tables.

I rarely see the same staff twice at Gail’s. Again new staff.

To Krema for a  cappuccino and flapjack.

I dropped off a card for Coffee Festival in Winchester.

Then walk around 23-acre Bishop’s Meadow. They have introduced cattle at the far end, but already removed as not sufficient grass in the dry weather. There is in other parts but lacks secure fencing.

Afternoon in Farnham

August 11, 2018

Another cool day, threatening rain, had been raining earlier.

I attempt to walk along the riverside walk, then through Gostrey Meadow and into the town.

Only to find I cannot, it has been fenced off. Luckily people had torn down part of the fencing. Let us hope they continue to do a public service, tear down the fence.

I then find my way is blocked when I reach the far end.  Luckily I am able to walk through the trees and find my way around the fence.

It is not acceptable the walk has been fenced off. The reason why even less acceptable.  To enable contractors to build a bridge to bring their materials straight off the A31, resulting in one lane closure, to build a grotty unwanted shopping centre that will be detrimental to the character of Farnham. The only reason it is going ahead is because the local council Waverley has pushed it against the wishes of the town, and Surrey County Council has poured in £50 million of public funds.  Greed and corruption writ large.

I make the butcher only to find closed.  Either closed on the dot if not closed early.

I was looking forward to a cappuccino, only Krema closed.

A visit to Farnham Parish Church.

Whilst in the church, as it was closing, came an extremely arrogant man, with a woman and child in tow.  American accent, I suspect an Israeli, but I may be wrong. He asked for something with a name, that neither I nor the lady locking up had a clue what he was asking for. He then showed on his phone, and said the Hebrew letters for God.  No, we had not seen. I also explains Jews do not say out loud or write the name of God, they write G-d.  The man disagreed. The woman he was with very quickly found. How did she know where to look? A discoloured board for the Ten Commandments, with the word he was looking for at the top, clean and glowing. Again odd. The letters bore little resemblance to what he said he was looking for. He argued, got out his phone. No they did not look the same. They then departed. They showed no respect for the church, the child making loud vulgar noises. A not very pleasant man.

What was he really looking for?

The printed sheet he had in his hand, had a few lines instructing him to look in the church.

Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant, half a chicken ten pounds. This is to directly take on the chain eatery in Lion and Lamb Courtyard. It always has a weekend special, half a chicken, Difficult to see how a special, if always the same. It used to be £9-99, now £11-50. If success was based on innovation, now also selling fresh flowers, Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant would be packed.  It is not, it is always empty. The menu is always enticing. I have ate there a couple of times. The food has always been awful. The coffee not good either, even though sourced from Union, but Union sadly supply anyone.

It was then to Caracoli for a coffee. Not somewhere I would normally go for a coffee. I was brought a cappuccino with chocolate. I sent it back. Why does no one know how to make a cappuccino? What was brought next had a very unpleasant taste. I suspect bad cheap coffee. It was a tad too hot, but I do not think the barista was at fault. I inquired of who roasts their coffee.  Mozzo Coffee, the same people who supply Flat Whites, but then added a  blend for them. Maybe cheap catering supply coffee.

Then to Waitrose. Loose bananas were not in very good condition. Those in bags rotten.

Waiting for a bus, cold. More like autumn than summer.

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