PostCapitalism: The End of Capitalism

We know capitalism has failed, we saw that with the banking crisis, wehn it caused a worldwide crash, from which we have still not recovered, but it is being used as an excuse for austerirty, shock doctrine, slash and burn of public services, mass closure of public libraries, cuts to public services, cuts to welafre fotr the poorest.

We know capitalism has failed, with its demand for endless growth that is now putting the palnet at risk.

We know capitalism has failed because with P2P, sharing, the gift economy, open co-ops, collaborative commons, therea re alternative ways of woarking, of welath creation, that are more equaitable, that give worker stasisfayion, that do not wreck the planet.

Uber is not the sharing economy. It is worker explootaion, serfs working for an app. It is not an example of inovation, undercutting an existing regime, it is cowboy, unlicnced taxi drivers competing with adn undercutting regulated taxi drivers.

—- draft not yet to be published —–

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Paul Mason discussing PostCapitalism at RSA

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