Jeremy Corbyn addressing a meeting in Bristol

packed meeting in Bristol to hear  Jeremy Corbyn

packed meeting in Bristol to hear Jeremy Corbyn

A picture is worth a thousand words. Every picture tells a story.

A packed meeting in Bristol to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak.

People’s Campaign for Corbyn:

Absolutely packed Jeremy Corbyn meeting in Bristol tonight. Politics is changing in Britain before our very eyes and the Blairites can keep moaning all they like but they won’t stop this movement.

People do not vote because they are sick and disgusted with two-faced hypocrites out to line their own pockets, who do not speak for them, who act for the banks and big business.

Jeremy Corbyn, like Caroline Lucas, is a rare example of a politician who listens to people, who shares their concerns, who acts for them.

He was on the streets demonstrating against austerity, supporting the Greeks in their fight against the EU.

It is because he is listening, that people sense real change, that people are willing to back him, turn out to meetings to hear what he has to say, lend their support.

The attack on Jeremy Corbyn by discredited and despised Tony Blair, only added to his support.

As has Labour wannabe leader Liz Kendal who said he is unfit to lead the Labour Party. No, the one who is unfit is Liz Kendal, who supports Tory attacks on the poor.

The Labour Establishment has crawled out of the woodwork to attack Jeremy Corbyn. These are the same people who lost the Election in May, who still do not get it why Labour lost.

Harriet Harman does not get it when she told Labour MPs not to vote against the Tory Welfare Bill that will take £12 billion out of the pockets of the poor. 48 Labour MPs had the decency and integrity of ignoring her, 48 Labour MPs that included Jeremy Corbyn, that included 18 newly elected Labour MPs, voted against the Welfare Bill.

They were accused by the Labour Establishment of damaging the Party, no those who damaged the Party were those who sat on their hands who could not be bothered to vote.

Tweedledee v Tweedledum, that was why Labour lost the election, no one could tell the difference. If you are going to vote Tory, you may as well vote the real thing, or not vote at all. In Scotland they had a real choice, that is why they voted SNP and why Labour is unelectable in Scotland for the foreseeable future.

People do not want austerity, they do not want to see library closures, cuts to NHS, the poorest people in society being bled dry, companies like Starbucks and Vodafone failing to pay taxes, privatised rail and power and water companies ripping us off, bankers getting away with fraud.

Mark Steel on Jeremy Corbyn:

If you look at Corbyn’s record it’s clear he just can’t win elections. In his constituency of Islington North he inherited a majority of 4,456, which is now 21,194. He’s one of the few Labour MPs whose vote increased between 2005 and 2010, when he added 5,685 to his majority. This is typical of the man, defying the official Labour policy of losing votes and getting more of them instead, just to be a rebel.

If you want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, simply register as a Labour Party Supporter at a one off fee of £3 and you can vote.

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