International market Aldershot

Aldershot international market

Aldershot international market

We are really looking forward to welcoming this three-day market into Aldershot town centre for the first time. A wide variety of products will be on offer and there should be something for everyone. We hope that shoppers enjoy it. — David Phillips, town centre and cultural manager, Rushmoor Borough Council

Friday through to Sunday, what was billed as an International market, fewer stalls than the regular Thursday market, tat, and the only international element (and that is stretching to breaking point) three stalls, one selling Jamaican food, another Greek cakes and olives and another selling coffee.

In Guildford, at their regular Friday and Saturday market, even more so in Winchester on a Friday, but they do not bill it as an International market.

In reality, what was in Aldershot, a travelling circus of stalls that travels around the country from town to town.

Gripes of the stall holders, lack of publicity, the cost and that they had been conned into going to Aldershot.

As the coffee stall was told, you’re wasting your time mate in Aldershot, you’d be better off in Guildford (or Winchester, or anywhere other than Aldershot).

We were promised publicity by the council.

Ha, ha, that was a laugh. Nothing in the street other than a poster in Holland & Barrett.

No consultation with the local retailers. Did they really want a market selling tat on the streets Friday through to Sunday? Every fiver spent on the market, a fiver not going through their tills.

The local council claimed they organised the market. The market organisers would beg to differ. And if the council did organise, why a complete lack of consultation with local retailers and the local community?

It begs the question: who was conning who, the travelling circus that it was an international market or that Aldershot was a town worth visiting?

Town centre manager is yet another example of a council created none job.

Union Street closed. Closed for the benefit of this market, and yet a pedestrianised street not normally closed for the benefit of locals.

For quality international, and local organic, visit Just Shop, more or less opposite Vero coffee shop, top of Union Street. And if you want coffee, Vero roast their own coffee.

A pity that once again, local council not acting in the best interest of the local community and local businesses, promoting the recycling of money in the local economy. Instead they bring in unwanted markets and promote Wastegate.

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One Response to “International market Aldershot”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Talking to local retailers today

    – lack of consultation
    – no publicity
    – not an international market
    – an ordinary street market selling rubbish
    – disastrous for trade
    – Sunday the street deserted

    Retailers very angry at the lack of consultation on something that effects there livelihood.

    What was the purpose of the market? Yet another example of gesture politics, or more sinister, another example of the local council determined to destroy the town centre.

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