Wet and soggy afternoon in Guildford

Raining all morning. I got halfway to the station, stopped, and thought why am I going to Guildford? But then thought, maybe it will improve.

It did not.

Rain was heavier in Guildford. I walked up to the Guildford Institute. Closed for Easter until next week (or at least no lunch). I walked back down to Debenhams, only to find no food left. I walked back up the High Street, into Guildford House, a little restaurant at the back. Nothing I fancied. I ended up at Harris + Hoole, where I spent all afternoon. Great for a coffee and cake, but not so good for lunch.

In the High Street I found two girls handing out leaflets for Harris + Hoole. A bit dumb, why hand out leaflets for lunchtime when they are busy? I did not think they were from the local coffee shop, as they would not be so stupid. They were not, they were from head office. No doubt a clueless overpaid suit trying to justify their salary.

Why has Caffe Nero got piles of rubbish outside in the street blocking the highway? Should the council not be taking action?

tax dodger Caffe Nero rubbish piled in the street

tax dodger Caffe Nero rubbish piled in the street


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