Lorry deliveries in Aldershot

outside The Queen Hotel kegs piled high

outside The Queen Hotel kegs piled high

Thursday afternoon last week, the footpath outside The Queen Hotel in Aldershot was blocked by beer kegs, that in addition to the blocking of the public highway by A-boards, to which the local council turns a blind eye.

kegs rolled down the street

kegs rolled down the street

Kegs were being rolled down the street. At the time The Queen Hotel was full of little kids. Had one of them rushed out of the entrance without looking, and they had no reason to look, there would have been a serious accident and injury had one of these kids been mowed down by a runaway keg. There was no one positioned by the doorway to ensure no one walked out of the pub into the path of a keg.

lorry FJ61 BBX illegally parked

lorry FJ61 BBX illegally parked

A lorry was illegally parked, for how long I do not know, but probably an hour or more (I observed over half an hour).

Next lorry delivery YB62 XDG

Next lorry delivery YB62 XDG

Early this evening, a lorry delivery for Next, the driver thought it was ok to lean on his horn and leave it blaring out continuously. That is until angry local residents and passers by made it abundantly clear that it was an offence to sound a horn from a stationary vehicle and the police would be called. The lorry was trying to drive down Union Street, a pedestrianised street, the back end of the lorry was halfway across the street it had turned in from, causing a major traffic hazard.

In both cases the lorry drivers were at fault and should be fined and ideally lose their licence to drive.

Although the lorry drivers were at fault, there is a wider problem of lorry deliveries and the failure of the local council to have proper policies in place.

Union Street is a pedestrianised street, and yet late afternoon, the barriers are opened up, allowing cars and lorries through making a nuisance in a pedestrianised street.

There has to be a system in place, as is the norm in European cities, where lorries are not allowed to drive to the doorstep, they have an off-loading zone on the periphery and have to deliver by trolley to the door.

We cannot have a system where businesses are allowed to externalise their costs to the rest of society. In this case the noise and nuisance of deliveries and Union Street being smashed to pieces by lorries.

The council needs to implement a policy where the lorries can only deliver an hour before the shops open, and in the evening (but not late at night) after the shops closed. The goods transferred by trolley from lorry or van to the businesses.

Such a system works in Istanbul, there is no reason why it cannot work in Aldershot, other than the ineptitude of the local council.

Union Street, a pedestrianised street with the exception of emergency vehicles, should be closed to vehicular traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The quality of life of those using and residing in the town centre should hold precedence.

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