Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers – Kaki King

Kaki King

Kaki King

Interesting looping of the guitar by Kaki King on Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers, though spoilt by the addition of moronic repetitive percussion.

Not though in the same league as bass player Steve Lawson when it comes to looping. He is in a league all of his own. He has developed bass looping into a fine art form.

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2 Responses to “Gay Sons Of Lesbian Mothers – Kaki King”

  1. thefullmusician Says:

    Mmm good point…
    When you said ‘looping’, I thought of this…
    You may enjoy this, it’s New Zealand artist Kimbra at SXSW (Yes, from that Gotye song). I enjoy the way she used her vocal pedal (probably a TC-Helicon?) to do an acoustic version of this song.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Kimbra at SXSW quite impressive. A pity the association with spotify and MSN.

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