Church of England investment in News Corp

The Church of England lacks any moral authority when it holds investment in the toxic Murdoch News Corp. No way can this be classed as an ethical investment.

$6 million investment in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Today we learnt a corrupt Royal Protection Officer had been passing details of the Royal Family, friends and contacts to the now closed News of the World.

The Church of England has to show moral leadership which means it has to sell its shares in News Corp.

It would be a pragmatic move to ditch the investment. Murdoch paid over the odds for the Wall Street Journal. Murdoch is highly leveraged. He needs BSkyB as a cash cow. News Corp is likely to go into free fall.

Church of England threatens to pull News Corp. investment
NoW ‘paid royal protection officer’
Good riddance News of the World
News of the World sinks to new low

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