Good riddance News of the World

Murdoch answers critics

Murdoch answers critics

Ofcom ‘has duty to be satisfied on on-going basis that any person holding broadcasting licence remains fit & proper to hold such licence’ — John Prescott

The News of the World meltdown is progressing from “shit hits fan” toward “running Rolls Royce jet turbine lands in sewage works”. — Mitch Benn

Excellent news that News of the World is to close. A cause for celebration, but do not pop the champagne corks just yet.

Unbelievable, people power brings down the News of the World in less than a week. Murdoch must be hurting.

Well done everyone. Well done too the Guardian that landed the first blow and the Evening Standard, Independent and Telegraph for landing the follow up blows.

But do not celebrate too soon. We have won the first skirmish, we have a war to win.

Inside News International there are two secret projects: Project X, cut costs by 50%. Project Y, move to a seven-day-a-week newspaper.

A couple of days before James Murdoch with Rebekah Wade in tow, accompanied by security guards, told staff at the News of the World it was being closed, two web addresses were registered for The Sun on Sunday.

It is goodbye News of the World, hello Sun on Sunday.

We were told it was one rogue reporter, now we are told it was one rogue newspaper.

No, it is a rotten toxic organisation that has had a corrosive influence on British culture and politics.

We have gutless, spineless politicians who fight over who can brown-nose Murdoch.

Endorsement now or association with Murdoch would be the kiss of death.

Why is Rebekah Wade still there?

Today Andy Coulson, former NotW editor, was arrested for phone hacking and corruption. If he knew and authorised what was going on why not Rebekah Wade? And she has already admitted to a Select Committee of payment to police.

James Murdoch has said Rebekah Wade has high ethical standards. George Orwell would be proud.

Over £130,000 in bribes has been paid. And no one knew?

James Murdoch signed off massive sums in hush money to keep victims of NotW phone hacking quiet, but he claims he did not know what the money was for?

David Cameron showed appalling lack of judgement in employing Andy Coulson. Did Coulson employ NotW techniques when working from 10 Downing Street? Was Coulson not subjected to positive vetting?

John Prescott is one of many who warned Cameron re Coulson.

It is sickening hearing NotW hacks saying what a marvelous newspaper News of the World was. Have they no shame or integrity? Still they can now enjoy a life of luxury on the Dole as they are wont to tell us Benefit Cheats and Welfare Scroungers enjoy. If they had any integrity left they would put out a Not the News of the World exposing what has been going on at News International.

Plod of the Yard in his investigation of the phone hacking left no stone unturned. He could have tripped over a stone and fallen into a quarry and denied it was there.

Two companies refused to pull NotW advertising, Vodafone and Tesco. Like Murdoch, serious tax dodgers.

Murdoch is not a fit and proper person to own and control media in the UK. He should not be allowed to own and control BSkyB.

If Murdoch thinks he has silenced his critics and the matter is over he is wrong. The baying dogs have tasted blood. They will not now be satisfied until they have gone in for the kill.

Not one to miss a trick, British Gas has used a bad news day to bury their massive hike in gas prices.

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One Response to “Good riddance News of the World”

  1. Steve Says:

    Spot on blog! Blatant corruption and crony-ism, lies, bribes, police on the take, personal attacks, phone hacking, biased and selective news reporting, treason against the crown, propaganda, Zionism, perversion, mis-information, cover ups, back handers from oil, car and weapons manufacturers, and semi naked young women. It’s all in a days work for the U.K.’s favorite paper. Check out this I used to work in a newsagent the masses cant wait to fill there heads with shit in the morning. There is no hope. The bad guys have won.

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