Climate Rush ‘do a Banksy’ on HM Treasury

'Bansky' on front entrance to HM Treasury

'Bansky' on front entrance to HM Treasury

Congrats to Climate Rush who in the true spirit of the suffragettes and urban art did a Bansky on HM Treasury this morning.

The coalition government claim to be a green government. With cuts in public spending announced last week which will hit hardest the poorest and the environment, threatened massive expansion of coal-fired and nuclear power stations, sell-off of state forests, we see little evidence so far.

Four artists, using black spray cans and stencils, painted George Osborne’s face with a quote on to the white stone of the Treasury at 2.40am this morning.

The three women and one man from Climate Rush arrived at the Treasury and stencilled the image, in Banksy style, with an Osborne quote: “A conservative treasury will drive green growth … by financing a green recovery.”

According to the FT the ‘Bansky’ was covered with a sheet of white paper and guarded by a burly security guard to ensure the paparazzi could not take a picture.

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