Healing mentally ill patients with feng shui

flower petals

flower petals

One of the reasons I love my job is that I am able to help people.

A while ago, I did a consultation for a Care Home for the Mentally ill. When I was performing my consultation I met some of the patients, some were a little aggressive, some blank and some in a completely different world. I felt very sad for them and had this real desire to make them all well. I spent almost the whole day at the Care Home, doing my readings, calculations assessing the form etc. I did not want to leave till I was sure that I would be able to make a difference.

The Care Home looked after about 70 patients. They had huge gardens but the gardens were in a terrible way, the grass was overgrown and the paving all broken. When I looked at the bedrooms they were all very bright yang clashing colours, for example; red and black, blue and pink, yellow and purple etc. I asked the Director of the Care Home why she had selected these colours and she told me since many of these patients were long term they had selected their own bedroom colours. Well this made complete sense to me, colours such as these can make a normal person unbalanced and unfocused and these patients were already of that mindset so the colours they selected reflected their minds.

I made all the necessary feng shui changes. I selected calm serene colours that would settle their minds instead of aggravating them. I focused on the gardens and created the most beautiful zen garden with a gazebo and a calm peaceful water-feature.

I was so impressed with the transformation when I went to view the Care Home a month after when all the changes had been made. The Director was very happy and told me there was a serious reduction in the amount of violent incidents and that the patients had taken very well to the renovations especially the garden.

However, about six weeks after my visit I got another call from the Director, this time she was very stressed. She told me that many of the patients had now got well and had left and she was now losing money since to get new patients was not that easy since the competition was very tough from neighbouring Care Homes. I pacified her and told her how amazing this really was, the feng shui was working beautifully. I told her she would not go unrewarded since now the patients were getting better the reputation of her Care Home would get even better and more people would send their loved ones there so that they could recover. Well as I had said to her it came true. Now she is very busy making lots of money but much more importantly the patients are actually recovering and going back to their families.

For me a result like this is worth more than any money in the world!

From the blog of my friend Priya Sher.

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