Afternoon in Lincoln

Late into Lincoln, then missed a bus which made me half an hour later.

I had not intended to, but pick up my baby laptop. Some memory freed by transferring to installed external memory card. Internal memory not sufficient. Would it be possible to remap the drives?

I pick up two SIM cards. One from a Polish shop, the other from Poundland. One pound each. I could have got free, direct from websites, but had to pick a data plan. Later , maybe, but at the moment need a sim card for calls.

Also from Poundland, two boxes of grass seed mixed with fertiliser. I hate applying fertiliser but brown patches on lawns are not recovering.

Lunch at The Greek Brothers. Handed very dog-eared dirty menu items redacted, sticky bits of paper to change prices. Only been open a few weeks I wanted moussaka. No moussaka, supply issues. I settled for souvlaki.

Looked in Wilkinson. Full of Halloween tat. Boxes of grass seed and ferries, double that of Poundland.

Managed to change jacket in M&S from small to large. Medium too small, large too big.

Cappuccino Coffee Aroma. One of the few places open Public Holiday on Monday. Lincoln deserted, Coffee Aroma packed. One if their busiest days ever. Open because they di not like to close.

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