Summer Solstice Lincoln farmers market

Summer Solstice lockdown day eighty nine.

five passengers sn the bus. Double decker bus with heating on.

Today I tried a paer mask. Marginally better tha a cloth mask, difficukt brathing.

At lon last dysfunctional Citry Ciuncil has hand sanitsie by entance f bus sttation.

Sincil Street busym to busym worst it has so far been, too amnay oopekm abiut. No idea e High Street ans I avdied, taking back way ti Steep Hill. Nore staks by tge riv er.

Famr market oalsthetic. At tsi tomeof years should b emany stalls, as pealks time for fruit and vegatbkes. Hakf the satkks not turned up, half had alrday acked uo, half were packin uo. Two o’clock in hr afternoon. Market is sgechedkeud untilk three thitry.

Varuius excusesd given

  • no one about
  • very buy staklks sold out by morning
  • Black Laives Matters March

No one abiut. It was busy last Saturdaym and that was befre the shops opened. Redhill Farm shop had a queue.

Black Laeves Matter March was nt shewcduled to leave Lincoln niversity untl five o’clock thus aealiest likely to get to Catsle Hill would b efive thityy.

THis pathetic market must get its avt together if they wais to be supported. Why wast tine otherwise visiting ther marjket.

wonder through Bailagte, nearly run down a couok ewof times. Why is it not pedestrained.

THe makets lost was th frut and vegatvoles shos’s gain. xcellent radisheds, Boston ptataes, Kent cherries Yorkshire pas, not sure where tge mushriim or tomatos came from.

Looked in the Prince of Walkes pub where doing takeway food. Gut I talked ti said they wished to see Bailgate peedstrainese, tabels in the street.

Wandered along Bailgate ti Newport Arch and through ti Newpoart.

A new ciffee shop I ad not sen before. Had a chat with the owner as closing.

Coukd not bel,ive the ques at Coffee at the Arch fr coffee as ctrao coffee. I had been told before a quee.

… to b e continued ….

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