Afternoon in Farnham

riverside walk along the River Wey

riverside walk along the River Wey

Gostrey Meadow

Gostrey Meadow

battered old Citroen  van serving tea and coffee

battered old Citroen van serving tea and coffee

greengrocer in Downing Street

greengrocer in Downing Street

A hot day, a very hot day. Too hot to be out. In the street middle of the afternoon, it was as though in Cyprus in the middle of the afternoon. A day for sitting under a tree, but needs must.

After visiting the butcher and greengrocer in Downing Street, back to Gostrey Meadow by the River Wey, as too hot to be in the street.

A cappuccino off the battered old Citroen van in Gostrey Meadow served by the lovely Francesca. It was ok, but something wrong, which I could not put my finger on. It was as though watered down. I had a cappuccino at FCB Artisan Coffee kiosk, the place in Guildford for a coffee yesterday. A hard act to follow. I would though rank as one of the best places in Farnham for a coffee. Compared with the disgusting pretence at coffee served by Costa or Starbucks, then in a different league.

Last week the awful Tony Fresco ice cream van was absent. Sadly not this week. The noise of the engine running disturbing the peace and quiet of Gostrey Meadow, the poisonous diesel fumes from the exhaust damaging children’s brains. If you go near the van, overpowering diesel fumes. Farnham Town Council must get their act together and not allow it in Gostrey Meadow.

Headed off to Bishop’s Meadow.

Conversation with a musician. In the last election, Farnham tried to elect Independents in the local elections. I thought it had not been successful. I was told no, they had taken seats on Farnham Town Council, and on the local council.

I said check out Flatpack Democracy and what had been happening in Frome. Local people now have compete control of Frome Town Council and everyone is encouraged to participate in council meetings.

This is the problem, political parties dictating to the electorate.

We see it with Jeremy Corbyn. Packed meeting everywhere and the Labour Party determined to stop his election by hook or by crook, including rigging the election.

Farnham has a problem. The East Street development. No one wants it. The local council tries to impose it. Legal action by local people stop it.

I lacked time to walk around Bishop’s Meadow, waked part, and around Manor Field. Sat for a while by the River Wey.

Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant empty as I walked to and from Waitrose. How long before it closes? Depressing to see independent places go under. I have eaten there once,and it was awful. The service there is awful too, leading me to walk out a few weeks ago. They must change their fixed dinner periodically, as different to when I last looked. Had I passed by earlier, I may have sat outside and eaten, had there been anything I fancied. But no time, only sufficient for in and out Waitrose and catch the last bus.

For third week running, hot air blasting as walk in the door. 30C outside, hot air as walk into the store.

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