Should You Be Paid As Much As Your Boss?

We help our community businesses, because they deserve the same great customer service and low prices that big corporate businesses get. And we’ve grown our company by earning the trust of each and every one of our valued customers. — Dan Price, Gravity Payments

I look at the reaction to a Seattle based CEO who decided to raise his employees minimum wage to $70,000 and bring his million dollar salary down to the same amount. — Russell Brand

Capitalism is Genghis Khan as a political system. — Russell Brand

In The Emperor’s New Clothes Russell Brand highlights the growing inequality between what those at the top earn, to those at the bottom.

Is a ratio of three hundred time top to bottom fair  or acceptable?

If we look at wealth this inequality is even worse.

The Wal-Mart family have as much wealth as 42% of Americans. Their workers are on such low salaries that they have to receive state subsidies.

If you want to reduce government social payments, increase the minimum wage.

Dan Price  chief exective of his own company Gravity Payments on $1 million a year, decided to do something about the minimum wage of his employees. He decided to drop his wage and bring his employees up to his own level. All are now on $70,000 a year.

Such an act of generosity, deserves praise. But not it seems on the Murdoch owned and controlled Fox News, a TV channel as vile as The Sun. Far from being praised Dan Price was attacked for being some sort of psychopath, for being an attention seeking,  publicity seeker,  for trying to buy the love of his workers.

In indigenous societies, there is no hoarding of wealth, on the contrary, those most valued are those who give and share

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