While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Santana and friends perform George Harrison classic While My Guitar Gently Weeps from the Beatles White Album.

The song is often incorrectly credited to Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton was on lead guitar on While My Guitar Gently Weeps, though not credited in the album notes.

Inspiration for the While My Guitar Gently Weeps came to George Harrison when reading the I Ching.

I wrote While My Guitar Gently Weeps at my mother’s house in Warrington. I was thinking about the Chinese I Ching, the Book of Changes… The Eastern concept is that whatever happens is all meant to be, and that there’s no such thing as coincidence — every little item that’s going down has a purpose.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps was a simple study based on that theory. I decided to write a song based on the first thing I saw upon opening any book — as it would be relative to that moment, at that time. I picked up a book at random, opened it, saw ‘gently weeps’, then laid the book down again and started the song.

I saw Carlos Santana play at the Royal Albert Hall sometime in the 1970s. He had with him one of his best line-ups.

A couple of decades later, I was walking past a little café in Puerto de la Cruz, and heard drifting out the unmistakable sound of Carlos Santana. I popped in and asked.

Note: It was on this day 34 years ago John Lennon was shot dead.

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