Afternoon in Farnham

Farnham - River Wey

Farnham – River Wey

Bishop's Meadow flooded

Bishop’s Meadow flooded

I was not sure I would be in Farnham today. Heavy rain yesterday afternoon, heavy rain all evening, then last night into the early hours of the morning, torrential downpour. I did not expect to be in Farnham, as forecast was rain, and I excepted rain, therefore a big surprise to find clear blue sky and the sun shining.

By the time I arrived in Farnham, late afternoon, it had turned dull, with rain threatening.

I do wish they would learn in the Oxfam Bookshop in Farnham. It is bad enough when they stick sticky labels on the book covers. If you neglect to remove, damages the book. Now they are sticking sticky labels on the inside pages. If you do not know how to treat books with respect, then do not work in a bookshop.

From WHSmith, Kobo Touch e-reader £29.99 (it was £89.99). Annoying no information, no specification. I decided to take a risk. Kobo make better e-readers than Amazon Kindle, and unlike the Amazon Kindle, it is not a propriety format for the e-books.

I would also recommend Calibre, an e-reader for laptops.

I have never seen the River Wey in Godalming, as it was this afternoon flowing through Gostrey Meadow, it was high, had overflowed its banks, and was flowing very very fast. Heavy rain, the ground saturated, has simply flowed off the land and into the river.

I decided to take a walk to Bishop’s Meadow. I met a man out dog walking. He warned me it was impassible, and to take care. I said I was only going to take a look. We both agreed, it was crass stupidity the talk of dredging rivers to stop the Somerset Levels flooding, the should be allowed to flood, and more should be done to retain water in the hills.

Bishop’s Meadow was completely flooded. I assume the River Wey had overflowed, but it was difficult to tell.

Begs the question Guildford? The water I saw flowing through, even if they flooded the water meadows upstream of Guildford, it would not be sufficient to save Guildford from flooding.

I am pleased to see the East Street Development has been thrown out by the Secretary of State. Farnham is fortunate, it is a relatively unspoilt market town, which is why it is attractive and why people visit, rather than go to unpleasant neighbouring towns of Aldershot and Farnborough, which is why the East Street Development is so strongly opposed by local people.

When are corrupt bastards in local councils going to start listening to and acting on the wishes of local people, not acting for developers? When are the corrupt bastards at Waverley going to get the message, East Street Development is not wanted?

As there was a bus within a few minutes, I decided to catch and skip late lunch in The Barn. I stuck my head in to say hi, not stopping, and they said good move, as a busy afternoon and they had little left to eat. I recommended they book storyteller and scribe Steph Bradley as she is touring in the spring.

Synchronicity: A book in Oxfam Bookshop, Synchronicity.

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