Jobs for the boys

Sussex countryside

Sussex countryside

The chairman of English Nature, the official body charged with safeguarding our natural heritage, one would expect to be someone who knew something about the subject, someone who has a proven track record in fighting to save our natural heritage. Jonathon Porritt, for example.

Er, no, not when it is the evil ConDem government who is doing the appointing, not when it is Environment Secretary Owen Patterson who is doing the appointing, a man who every time he opens his mouth simply demonstrates his ignorance of the environment, a man who attacked environmentalists for opposing genetically modified crops.

The man chosen has to be seen as an insult, Andrew Sells, a venture capitalist, whose only credentials as far as the evil CondDem government is concerned, is that he is a major donor to Tory Party coffers. In addition to being a venture capitalist and major Tory Part donor (£111,250 to the Tory party in 2010-2011), Sells is also or was chairman of property developer Linden Homes.

English Nature approve the killing of badgers, even though it was recognised as a mindless, pointless exercise.

An example of the crass stupidity of Owen Patterson, is that he wants to introduce what he calls biodiversity offsetting, to enable house builders to destroy pristine sites. Biodiversity offsetting is an oxymoron. You cannot destroy a wildlife habitat and recreate it elsewhere. Effectively this puts our natural heritage up for sale.

Conflict of interest? Chairman of English Nature a property developer.

Conflict of interest? Sells is co-founded venture capital group Sovereign Capital. Sovereign Capital operates in the private healthcare sector, promising high returns for investors. The evil ConDem government is trying to sell off parts of the health service to the tune of £2 billion.

Note: Picture of Sussex countryside courtesy Georgia.


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