Rump steak at The Tilly Shilling

 rump steak

rump steak

Tilly Shilling masked parade

Tilly Shilling masked parade

Wetherspoon, is not somewhere I would choose to eat, the food at Guildford is for example pretty disgusting. The exception is The Beehive at Gatwick South Terminal where the traditional English breakfast is usually very good and The Tilling Shilling in Farnborough where the food is variable, but usually quite good.

Monday, I had fish n chips at The Tilling Shilling, which was reasonable, but what was annoying was paying nearly double what I would have paid before five o’clock, because when I ordered it was gone five o’clock. What would have been a little over £5 with a free pint before five o’clock was over £7 after five o’clock, plus no free pint as gone five o’clock bringing the cost to just under £10.

Tonight I had rump steak. It comes with chips, peas, mushrooms and a slice of tomato. Plus my choice a free pint of Ruddles bitter. At a little under £10, reasonably priced.

For some reason, everyone was asked to wear a mask, go outside and be photographed with someone dressed as a chicken. All quite bizarre.

Whilst we were there, councillors came in from a planning meeting, where they had voted to destroy The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. In view of how they had behaved, and treated local people they had a nerve. They took exception to being referred to as scum. People were prepared to have a reasonable conversation with them, to ask them why they said what they did, voted the way they did, but they left. They did though say they were only lay people and can only vote how their officials tell them to vote. In which case, they should not be on the planning committee if they are incapable of understanding what is put before them. Had they troubled to read the statements local people had troubled to send them, maybe they would have voted differently. They were also remarkably camera shy and did not like being photographed.

All day, the temperature had been dropping. Walking to The Tilly Shilling it was cold. Leaving a little before half past midnight, it was very cold.

To my surprise, at half past midnight, a bus came by, which saved a walk in the cold, except I did not get off the bus where I should have. How it got down the road so far so quick, I do not know.

Walking from the bus, a very clear sky, the stars very bright and clear.

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