Lunch at Café Mila

Café Mila

Café Mila

It has been so cold, this has been the first visit to Café Mila this year.

Last year, in the summer, it was always very busy, but once winter came, it was very quiet.

Today, it was quiet on the street. It was therefore a surprise to find how busy it was.

This is the first time I have been on a Monday, as it used to be closed.

Very enjoyable chicken pie, followed by carrot cake and cup of tea.

Café Mila has always had books to browse. After I had finished my carrot cake, I browsed Quiet Food.

What is Quiet Food? Basically slow food with contemplation. It comes from a Buddhist retreat in South Africa where food, its preparation and eating, is seen as important as meditation. The book is beautifully illustrated with little stories, haiku poetry.

Why not do BookCrossing, I suggested last year? Good idea, but like many people, we do not like the BookCrossing website. We will come up with our own idea.

There is now a little notice telling people there are books to browse and books to take away. If you take a book away, your are asked once read, to release it into the wild (you could give it to a friend), then on their facebook page, write what has happened to the book. There is a also a little sticker in the books telling you this. If no sticker, then please do not take away.

A good idea, though I do not like anything that encourages people to use facebook, even less that has information on their activities. I tried to think of a better way but could not.

What I would suggest is do both, register on BookCrossing and then tweet what has happened to the book.


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