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Olé Olé tapas bar

August 10, 2022

A hot day, a day for tapas.

I usually avoid tapas bars, as not the real thing.

I had been recommended by former chefs who now have their own deli, Nonna Juana Deli.

Before walking through the grounds of Lincoln Castle to The Lawn, I looked in the art gallery in Castle Hill. They recommended Olé Olé but also another tapas bar in Castle Hill,  Olivares Tapas Bar, which I was not aware of was a tapas bar. 

A hot day. A day for tapas. I was walking through the Castle grounds to head for Olé Olé , a tapas bar at The Lawn.

Appearance can be deceptive. Exterior quite small and belies the large interior.

Escorted to my table by a waitress.  A carafe of ice cold water was brought to my table.  It is called service. The norm in Athens, non-existent in England.

I ordered tortilla Española.

It was good, not as good as I eat in Tenerife, or more recently from Nonna Juana Deli, but nevertheless good.

Ambience pleasant. Except for the awful music blasting out which was very unpleasant, making it noisy, even when sat outside. Why oh why do restaurants think clientele want loud music?

Staff pleasant and helpful, not that I needed any help.

Sitting outside, overlook the walls of Lincoln Castle.

Whilst the hot weather continues, I shall return and try a different dish. Spoilt for choice.

The Drill Hall lunch

July 20, 2022

The local council spent oodles of money renovating The Lincoln Drill Hall, then it closed, the money down the drain.

The Drill Hall has now reopened with new owners and an infantile name, The Drill.

A tacky entrance, to say the least uninviting and off putting.

When I walked in, empty, bar staff eating in a corner, one other table with a couple of women.

Since my last visit, the bar area appears to have been renovated. There is also outside seating.

I had intended to eat, but the menu uninspiring.

A drink, no. Beer from an industrial brewery, catering supply coffee.

What is depressing, this could be an excellent lunchtime bistro, a coffee shop serving excellent coffee, a bar with craft beer.

I turned on my heels and walked out, to find somewhere to eat.

Lincoln is being overrun with corporate chain eateries. On my visit to Lincoln, two more chain pizza parlours to open, both offering free pizzas as an enticement.

Independents need to do better, otherwise we will have none left. They cannot take their clientele for granted.

Tilly Shilling JD Wetherspoon disgusting steak and chips

December 1, 2021

Against my better judgement, popped in Tilly Shilling a JD Wetherspoon pissheads pub for a steak.

Lunch at Tilly Shilling, a J D Wetherspoon pub, the pits, a big big mistake.

It used to be, Tuesday steak day, now the same menu everyday, with limited choice.

The most disgusting steak I have ever been served, steak and chips. It used to be served with peas, tomato, mushroom and onion rings, but not anymore. If you wish for what used to be included, have to order gourmet steak, a couple of quid extra.. Gourmet is a much abused and maligned word, but this takes gourmet to a new low.

The streak must have been the cheapest cut of meat, without sourcing horse meat, Wetherspoon could find. Sinews running through the steak, so tough even a steak knife could not cut it. The chips equally disgusting. Steak grilled straight from a fridge as could be seen by the striations, not allowed to reach room temperature.

No self-respecting chef serves this crap, no self-respecting chef would accept such poor quality meat.

Surrey Hills Brewery Albury Red. a dark red colour. I am used to drinking excellent craft beer, which will never find in a pub, certainly not a J D Wetherspoon pub. This was not good.

Toilets not clean.

Covid-biosecurity non-existent: No hand sanitiser as walked in nor on the tables, tables not cleaned, beer rings on the table, staff not wearing masks. This only serves to emphasise, current tightening of coronavirus regulations still too lax.


November 30, 2021

Atto, a new Korean restaurant in Swan Lane where once Costa. Hanki in Jeffries Passage closed Tuesday lunchtime, give atto a try.

Lunchtime busy, but not too busy, about half full, a steady flow of customers taking their lunch out.

Staff pleasant and helpful, described all their dishes, food was good, reasonable portion size if not generous, I had to stop the girl piling more in my pot. I had sweet and sour chicken on a bed of rice. The juices from the sweet and sour, seeped down into the rice.

Unlike disgusting Pick A Bap in Farnborough, the food looked fresh. The girl said they empty after three hours, clean out the tin, bring out fresh food. Whilst I was there, chef added fresh food, stirred the tins.

Only too happy to give me a drink of water, filtered water.

Not sure what to do when finished. Are we meant to clear the tables? There was a box for cutlery. I did what others did, tidied up, left on the tray.

Covid biosecurity good: Tables clean, staff wearing masks, hand sanitiser. It could be improved still further by making Deliveroo wait outside and handed their delivery, if enter, wear mask and remove crash helmet.

Pick A Bap

November 30, 2021

Pick A Bap, a Korean restaurant in a grotty shopping centre.

Pick a Bap opened a couple of years ago. It was not good then. Had it improved? Yesterday I paid a visit, ordered some food, in many ways surprised it was still open.

It was empty when I walked in. The shopping centre in which it is located, deserted, many empty units.

I asked of what was sitting in the tins, sitting for how long I hate to think. It was mid-afternoon. From ther look of the contents I guess all day.

A sign says all need to know, Food Prepared Fresh Daily. Bread fresh each day yes, food no, I want cooked fresh.

Asked to tell me what the food was, they refused.

I pointed at one dish, spicy chicken. Yes, with rice please.

It was not good, a fair description would be to say disgusting.

I asked for water. They refused, pointed to a chiller cabinet with bottled water.

Awful music blaring out.

Plastic utensils. Wooden chopsticks loose in a box.

Covid biosecurity non-existent: No hand sanitiser as I walked in, or on tables. Staff not wearing masks. On leaving I used hand sanitiser outside the barber shop next door (it too was empty).

Compared with a couple of years ago when it opened, it was no surprise I was their only customer, it was not good then, if anything, has got worse. Food and service poor.

I cannot compare with food in Korea, but compared with Korean street food in Berlin, two Korean restaurants in Guildford, it compares very unfavourably.

Courgette stuffed with minced pork and sweet potato served with basmati rice

August 28, 2021

Last week, left overs from a few days before, a courgette stuffed with minced pork and sweet potato, left over popped in a casserlole dish and when cool, in the fridge

Taken out of the fridge, then when reache room tempeature, fan oven 150C for thirty minutes.

Basmataie rice, brought to the boil in a pan of boiling water, allowed to simmer.


Bailgate Deli falafel salad

May 15, 2021

A cold wet day, more like winter than mid-May, a visit to the deserted Lincoln farmers market on Castle Hill, I wonder why I bother, as not worth a visit, i thought grab a sausage roll from Redhill Farm shop, head off down Steep Hill, when it stated to rain.

Next option, eat at Bailgate Deli, a little deli in a side street off Bailgate.

Menu written on the window, I decided on soup and falafel, check the soup, no soup, and no free tables.

A table came free. The falafel and salad was excellent, but too cold to sit outside, a warm day would be pleasant, but not a cold day.

Next week they will be able to offer indoor sitting. I would not wish to eat inside, too small. As it was, lack of social distancing of the outside tables.

I learnt on leaving, the little side street has finally been granted traffic free pedestrianised status. Now long overdue pedestrianise Bailgate

I picked up cheesecake for later. It was excellent.

The rain had stopped, walk down Steep Hill for a coffee at Coffee Aroma.

Hanki revisited

December 7, 2020

Hanki is a little a Korean restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

Whenever I pass by it is empty. Not so Saturday, not only busy, but very noisy Chinese.

Today lunchtime, empty.  I discuss with the ever helpful young Korean guy, the steamed white rice stir fry with vegetables and ease off the chilli.

My  suggestion taken up by the chef and oh what a difference. The rice changes from bland boring and not very tasty to to very tasty. The deep fried chicken now bland in comparison. Maybe a little chilli.

I also added tempura prawns. These were excellent.

But, generous portion size and too much. Sufficient for two people to share. I found myself struggling to finish.


Lunch at Pho

October 3, 2020

When Pho fake Vietnamese street food restaurant first opened I ate there several times, but on each visit, the quality had suffered and the service appalling. The last time with a friend the dish we were served was cold. I never returned.

Today with Bamboo Shoots no more La Casita too late I decided to eat at Pho, and convenient to cross the street for a coffee in Krema.

As I walked in Pho, it was empty apart from one diner in a corner. Nothing has changed, it was never busy.

As I walked in I was assaulted by loud unpleasant music. I asked the waiter to turn it down. He said it was a restaurant.

Now apart from why would anyone wish to have loud music in restaurant when go to relax enjoy a meal maybe converse with friends it is a breach of covid-19 regulations.

I made it very clear the music was going down.

With reluctance he turned it down.

My dish ordered it came amazingly quick which belies the lie freshly prepared, it was actually quire good, though served on a cold plate.

A female came over and asked was I ok. I said yes and explained why I had requested then demanded the music be tuned downs, it was a breech of covid-19 regulations and these regulations were in place for very good reason. To protect staff and customers, it is a failure to adhere to the regulations why covid-19 is out of control. A noisy environment, people are shouting, if shouting they are projecting thirty ties the covid-19 across the room, if talking quietly it is only in their immediate surroundings. She thanked me.

In the corner, the lone diner coughing, lacked the courtesy to go inside to cough contaminating the entire restaurant. I could not leave quick enough.

I asked when I left and the other diners left, they opened the doors and ventilated the restaurant.

Whilst I was awaiting my dish, a family came in and sat at a nearby table. They had the entire restaurant to choose from.

Covid-19 biosecurity reasonable, I was asked to give my contact details as soon as I walked in, staff were wearing masks, but the loud music must be addressed.

Lunch at Marmadukes

February 7, 2020

Most towns have two or three places worth eating.

For Sheffield, South Street Kitchen,  ShuJu Kitchen Taiwanese pop up kitchen at Union St and Marmadukes opposite Sheffield Cathedral.

South Street Kitchen coffee, cakes and vegetarian food at the foot of the Park Hill Flats, cross the tram lines out the back of Sheffield Railway Station and follow the path leading up the slope. Stunning views over Sheffield city centre.

Union St, not far from Winter Garden, a pop up kitchen, each day different. For ShuJu Kitchen advisable to check as may otherwise be disappointed.

Marmadukes, old Georgian town house opposite Sheffield Cathedral, excellent lunch and coffee.

Union St no Shuju Kitchen, therefore Marmadukes it was, head straight down the street, past Sheffield Town Hall, turn into side street Norfolk Row where Marmadukes is located in a beautiful old Georgian town house opposite Sheffield Cathedral.

Excellent burger and chips. Very filling. I struggled to finish.

Followed by an excellent cappuccino.

Marmadukes have recently opened a second coffee shop in Cambridge Street (near John Lewis).

Marmadukes is featured in Coffee Shop North.  Available to browse but not to buy.

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