Ayios Demetrious Loubardiaris

Ayios Dimitrios Loubardiaris

Ayios Dimitrios Loubardiaris

A church stood at this site, or regarded as a sacred site, to guard the entrance into the city through the gate in the wall.

The church is dedicated to Saint Demetrius and took the name “Loubardiaris” because around 1650 the following peculiar event took place:

On the eve of 26 October, a thunder bolt hit the Turkish garrison commander, Yusuf Aga, who had installed a loubarda (big canon) at the Acropolis Propylaea because he was planning to attack the Christian believers on Saint Demetrius day.

The lightening hit and killed the garrison commander and the faithful were able to honour the Saint in the church.

The church was restored in the 1950’s by a local architect and planner who also laid out the paths.

Located below the Hill of The Nymps, the Hill of the Muses, below The Acropolis.

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