Making a deposit in the Favour Bank

The Zahir

The Zahir

Yesterday I made a deposit in the Favour Bank.

The Favour Bank is the world’s oldest and most powerful bank. It knows no frontiers. Its clients are rich and poor, Black and White, straight and gay, Muslim and Christian, warmongers and peacemakers, dreamers and realists. All are welcome through its doors.

I meet and help an aspiring writer. I connect his books with people who if they read and like I know they will do the same. I arrange that he is invited to a book festival. Good writers are known not by marketing hype but by word of mouth.

Investment banking is a risky business.

My aspiring writer may achieve his dreams. If he succeeds he may forget how he got there. He may think it was the least he deserved. He may forget or even refuse his payments to the Favour Bank. But should he be so foolish he will find his credit vanishes overnight.

My introduction to Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho was a beautiful Lithuanian girl sat by the River Wey outside a pub in Guildford. She was reading The Zahir. I was curious what had her so engrossed. We got chatting. She told me of Paulo Coelho and suggested I read his books. [see Synchronicity and Paulo Coelho]

Yesterday I met a beautiful Black girl. We got chatting. She was curious of the book I had, The Zahir, as she had never come across the author Paulo Coelho. I explained who he was, told her a little of The Zahir. I must find and read it she said. To her great pleasure and surprise I gave her my copy of The Zahir. I said if she got in touch I would also give her a copy of The Alchemist. Had I thought of it I would have invited her to join me for lunch today, but I did not think of it until later.

Yesterday I repaid a favour to the Favour Bank.

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4 Responses to “Making a deposit in the Favour Bank”

  1. marie-christine Says:

    Dear Keith,
    You obviously took time to consider this.
    Your curiosity about the beautiful Lithuanian girl helped you to understand her point of view better, it’s obvious she had an influence on you choosing to read and later on recommending the books of Paulo Coelho to others.
    I would like to congratulate that beautiful soul , who was able to use her feminine side and got to you in a very positive way.
    Doing someone a favour is called kindness, taking into consideration other people and having faith in that system.
    I am glad also, that resulting from that encounter with the Lithuanian girl , you gave that beautiful black girl “The Zahir”.
    Its good that the word is spreading across all cultures, religions , genders and barriers are starting falling down because in love nothing of the sort exists,there are no frontiers a person cannot reach.
    I am sure you will meet that beautiful black girl again and you will be able to discuss the book over lunch again with her,
    Thank you for sharing
    With love

  2. marie-christine Says:

    You are welcome Keith.
    I believe these kinds of events are what makes the earth a better place to live.
    Thank you and I wish you a pleasant evening.

  3. stephwynnalicebradley Says:

    your way of keeping the threads of your meetings connected is inspiring Keith…a reminder that we are all interlinked and synchronicity and serendipity show us how 🙂

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