Lover’s Den



A bright sun radiates and shines warming their skin as they walk on the sand, hand in hand.

Bare feet, rhythmic steps, in tune with each other watching the waves dance and sing a melodic tune that plays God’s symphony.

Eros looks at Amora as she looks at the horizon, the endless tranquil horizon.Curious thoughts pass through his mind. ‘what is she thinking about so deep into her thoughts, what is so important to her, is she not happy with all the love I give her, what more could anybody want, besides the full devotion from a loved one?’

Amora smiles, sensing his attention on her, turns around and looks at him. He smiles at her beautiful face, their hearts smile along. Enamored by his beauty, she kisses the lips, decorating his entire face in her loving kisses. Eros grabs her pulling her closer, quizzing her body into his and giving her the longest kiss. In love they smile, and continue walking down the ocean shore.

Amora looks at Eros who’s looking out into the distance, curious thoughts pass through her head, ‘what is my love thinking about? is there anyone else in his heart besides me? why is he so distant sometimes, can’t he see how much I love him’? He looks at her before she finishes her thought, grabs her, lifts her up spinning in the music in the air. She runs to the water as he puts her down, looking back at Eros, beckoning his call.

The water caresses her feet, sending cold chills to her spine. Eros runs after Amora in a chase, splashing through the water in desperate anticipation. Running and playing, so free and wild, smiling and laughing, in each other’s hearts. Lost in a space without limits or walls, recreating the dream in their souls of that first time of their encounter. Without hesitation, he charges to her, capturing her in a frenzy, forcing her to the ground, pinning her down.

The waves wash over them, bathing their clothes and skin in cool caresses. the sand sets into her hair, shimmering rays reflect off her face. he kisses her neck, her chest, hearing the pounding of her heart screaming the sounds of her love that resonate through his lips into his heart.

Engulfed in warmth and wetness, they’re bodies vibrating to each other’s sounds. He glimpses at her dreamy face, off in a distant place. He wonders why she’s in a daze, what mazes her face, just as she looks at his face, I love you she says. I love You, he says, embracing each other as the earth embraces them in their love.

The sounds of those three magical words sets their bodies in motions of love, of massages and caresses, drifting them into God’s aria, harmonizing endless musical masterpieces.

From a facebook note by Carolena Sabah.

Carolena Sabah starred as Athena in The Witch of Portobello based on the book of the same name by Paulo Coelho.


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