Sunday in Brighton

Cold sunny autumnal day.

Uneventful trip down, which in itself is noteworthy, no rail works.

I noticed FCB at the Station Lounge had Coffee at 33 as a guest coffee. I was surprised as very small coffee shop.

A cappuccino off the Small Batch kiosk outside Brighton Station.

I missed them on my last trip.

I have been spoilt. I have lost track of the number of champion baristas who have served me last couple of weeks.  But that was Athens.

I looked in Grocer and Grain.  Always a good selection of coffee on sale.  It only serves to highlight how misguided the campaign re Sainsbury’s and FairTrade.

FairTrade is a marketing con, why buy from a supermarket when can buy from indie coffee shops, small retailers or direct from roasters, Grocer and Grain, Infinity Foods, Small Batch, Horsham Coffee Roasters?

I would question the packaging of Back Yard Coffee as what is written is meaningless. They need to look at Small Batch or Horsham Coffee Roasters.

Opposite Grocer and Grain, a bike sharing scheme, more bikes down on the seafront.

I proposed such a scheme more than two decades ago. I am pleased to see finally being adopted.

Popular, I saw many of the bikes in use.

Walking down to the seafront the sea was shimmering all the way to the horizon as though a sheet of silver. Not an effect I have seen before.

Along the seafront as far as the Pier then up through Pavilion Gardens to North Laine.

Although a cold day, many people around, possibly because pleasantly sunny, and sat in the sun pleasantly warm.

I looked in Infinity Foods. Usually I would eat first, but I wanted bread, and if I did the other way around, likely none left.

Infinity Foods busy.

A coffee I had not seen before. Source. They make the claim carbon credit registered, Meaningless as carbon credit a scam. They do more good by supporting farmers to plant trees, grow coffee in the shade of trees, and protect forests, as Union does with Yayu Forest in Ethiopia.

I was not going to sit outside at Iydea as too cold, but too busy inside, not helped by people reserving tables. Though that was happening outside too with idiots putting their bags on seats to stop people sitting down.

I managed to find a seat at the end of a table, then when the people moved,  I moved around. It was surprisingly warm in the sun.

In the summer, maybe August,  I looked in Brighton Magazine and suggested stock Standart. I learnt they already did, and was thanked for reminding them as a delivery was long overdue. I looked again September, latest issue out, but not in stock, thanked for reminding them, yet again, and they chased non-delivery.  I inquired again today, still not delivered.

I noticed they stocked Drift. Until I saw in The Underdog I had never seen before. It is like Standart only focused on one city. Expensive $22. In Brighton Magazine £16-50.

The current issue of Drift covers Melbourne, a new edition Mexico City due.

I decided to leave early as now getting very cold, and would only get colder once the sun set.

Passing by Bond Street, I asked about Work House.  It is a blend that has replaced Pioneer, or at was that was what I had thought as that was what they were using in Krema on Saturday. No, not replaced, they have two blends.

Just time to walk down to the seafront and to the Pier and see the sun setting.

To the station to catch a train, barely time for a detour to Small Batch to pick up leaflets on their coffee.

When I looked earlier, and on my way to the station, very busy, not possible to relax.

Train packed, 1635 to Victoria,

Earliest I have ever left Brighton.

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