Residencial Solar Dom Carlos

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos is a 16th century former Royal Household, where the King of Portugal loved to spend his summer.

Located in Rua Latino Coelho, in the old city, lovely narrow cobbled streets, quiet.

A little run down and in need of investment. Catch 22, economic crisis, austerity, no money, fewer tourists.

walled garden

walled garden

A lovely walled garden, though like the house, in need of care and attention. A quiet place to sit and relax, to eat a roll I had saved from breakfast and nuts and dried fruit from the local market.

Wonderful staff, always pleasant and went out of their way to be helpful.

Rooms large and spacious, with quality wooden furniture, no shortage of storage space, with a chest of drawers, two bedside cabinets, and a wardrobe, for a room with a double bed. Plus a fridge, which I turned off at night. The large double bed was comfortable. Extra blankets if cold. A kettle and tea for tea making.

a room with a view

a room with a view

The room at the top of the house was accessed by very steep stairs, and quite a climb, and not as good as the rooms lower down, but more than compensated for by the view, or to be more accurate views, as windows facing in all four directions.

Spacious bathroom too, though hot water took a few minutes to arrive, though when it did, it was piping hot.

breakfast room

breakfast room

breakfast room

breakfast room

Breakfast was served in a lovely panelled room with murals on the walls and a wonderful ceiling.

Breakfast was very poor and needs improvement. Poor choice, little variety, toast served as eating cereal, thus cold by the time eaten. No fruit juice. Nothing hot, though could order an egg at an extra cost. Choice of tea, black and green tea, herb teas. Hot water from the coffee machine was not hot enough to make a decent cup of tea.

I saved one of the rolls to eat later in the garden.

Free wifi was good, accessible from the lobby and breakfast room.

I had a problem, I did not charge my Google Nexus 7 thinking I could charge on arrival. I could not, the flat pins of my charger would not slip into the round holes of the wall socket. In Tenerife, the wall sockets accept flat and round pins. Reception offered me an adapter, but it did not work. I went in search of a net cafe, but could not find any. I did though find three computers in a supermarket (1 euro half an hour, 1.5 euro an hour). I used for half an hour, and charged Nexus 7 for half an hour via usb cable. The following day, I found a computer shop where I got an adapter (3.50 euros). A couple of days later, from the same shop, a charger (12.30 euros).

No food is served apart from breakfast, but 28 nearby is an excellent restaurant. I dined there most nights. Lunchtime, 28 offers a set meal for 8 euros.

Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Assunção is worth a visit. From the outside, a simple whitewashed church, with a very impressive statue of Pope John Paul II. If open, worth popping in.

Nothing in the town is any distance away.

On Wednesday and Saturday a street market.

Jardim Visconde da Luz is a pleasant little park, with orange trees, bookstalls, antique stalls and a carousel.

A very pleasant walk along the promenade. Part way along, can pick up the train, if too tired to walk back.

In one of the streets I found a wonderful secondhand bookshop.

Residencial Solar Dom Carlos is a BookCrossing zone.

Lisbon Airport to Cascais: airport bus to station, train to Cascais, taxi to Residencial Solar Dom Carlos.

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  1. Don Carnagey~Lanier Says:

    I would love to visit there someday.

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