The Culture of Too Much

WynnAlice has a dream. Six moons in the planning, she is to walk from village to town, town to village, carrying gifts, telling stories, collecting stories, these stories to be writ in the great book Tales of Our Times, a book of thirteen chapters, thirteen copies, to reflect the thirteen moons in a year.

WynnAlice sets off from the town that was not too big, not too small.

A banquet on St George’s Day, of local seasonal produce, supplemented by tomatoes from a supermarket that were deemed too big or too small, thus rejects, plus fairtrade coffee.

The Magical Town of Arundel, Hove with its row of beach huts, Brighton with its Pier.

The Culture of Too Much, is closely allied to The Story of Stuff.

Traditionally, travellers took tales from one town to another, that was how news spread.

Traditionally farmers had mixed farms, they rotated their crops and livestock, there was no waste, one fed into another.

My friend Flo, with a small holding high up in the hills of Tenerife, almost above the tree line, a spring for water a little below his gate, Teide is a near neighbour. He has levelled the land, built great dry-stone walls, planted over a hundred fruit trees around the borders of his fields, dug a huge duck pond for the ducks and geese. The geese have names and come when called. The ducks and hens are all rare breeds. The crops are rotated around the fields. During the winter, the fowl have free reign over the farm, they scavenge the fields for pests, fertilise the fields, their eggs can be found in little nooks and crannies, slowly slowly they are restricted as the crops are planted. Willow-like trees, provide whip-like branches for basket weaving.

In the musical interludes, the beautiful, haunting piano is Christoffer de Graal, the female vocals Susie Ro & Ayla.

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  1. Green Decore Rugs (@GreenDecoreRugs) Says:

    This looks like sustainable living at its best 🙂

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